Thor has come out and visited with us, which is great. Had originally called it off, which is why V and K stayed at home the Thursday he announced his arrival after all, but thankfully they were able to escape to Funen to stay with V’s folks until this Saturday early afternoon, equally great of her. They had apparently half the family tree there, but the young one didn’t seem to mind, in fact V referred how she danced around in the heels of the older children, imitating, playing up to them. And Friday at the Zoo in Odense for them as well, they had a great time and so did I, studying, watching films with Thor. As always, grand company. The movies, the chess-games of endless mutual insults and bad losing and – on his part – winning, the studying and work-talk and little else, it a set agenda but it’s one I like. He’s a bit insecure as to his future, job-wise, but things are looking up and I hope the best for him. Hope the World, in fact. He seems more at ease here, in as much as he obliges me when I press him to stay another night, well really, really press him anyway. V came back Saturday and dropped Kirstine off and went to see her friends Anja and Andreas, so we – Thor, K and I, went up to the playground and played around for a spell, great fun and we ended up at the local burger-joint for pizza and french fries, horrible diet but felt like family all the way. Kirstine gets ever more comfortable with him. He’ll leave tomorrow Sunday, but I hope to see him soon again. ~~~ Am not anticipating the Monday when I’ll walk into Karsten’s office and pay my notice, in writing. But what’s done is done – posted the contract, signed, today, they’ll have it Monday as well – and I only hope I won’t find reason to look back with regret. Lars Huge mentioned a possibility of seeking an extended leave of absense, which is a something I’ll try and pursue. A bit of safety in that, and hopefully – given the commitments and knowledge of the place – they’ll see that as fruitful on everyone’s behalf. I do give it, the shift of job, a great deal of thought, as one should. I hope I will not disapoint myself. I’m ready for a lot of things but not that one. It will he tough, a tough move. I need to be at my best. Am studying as best I can, in preparation, am constantly telling myself to not be fooled by the turn of career, in as much as the work-load will be significantly harder in the private as opposed to the public sector. I figure if I tell myself enough times, I won’t experience a tremendous blow to my self-consciousness when I do start. ~~~ Brief chat with dad, mentioned an extended visit in Viborg for them. Grandma’s health, stated reason. I cleaned out my PC-cabinet and found the in memoriam she had written in granddad’s honor, and the priest’s brief speech as well. All of it dwelling on his experiences here on earth, what he did with his time, where he lived, a many solid facts in evidence hereof. As if the children, grand-children, great-grand children, weren’t enough. I read through it and put it in the bin. What would be the reason to keep it? No disrespect intended, but I remember barely nothing of the man, and his life and influence is for those to remember who witnessed this life first-hand, his wife and immediate siblings and those who were able to appreciate his personality in the context of his social and political views. Not those of us who were so young, children, whom he never held and seldom engaged in meaningful conversation. I never knew the first thing about his beliefs or his faiths. I do, of course, hope the Lord has taken him in. Though given his mild-mannered temper I do consider it unlikely if this is not the case. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. V talked of taking our girl to the bath in Slagelse, will get some studying done. Am hoping for a quiet day.