Bothered by a damn annoying inflammation of the throat, haven’t been able to really shake it for three days but finally it’s toned itself down. In time for tomorrow’s working day. The last month of my UNI-C days will prove to be… fun. This Thursday past sat down and introduced the project I’m working on, for all intents and purposes towards letting the others deem how they could take it over when I’m no longer there. In reality it’s an already dealt hand, the only one there who has the time to take it on is Lars Strange, and he for one is not late in advocating his disgust at my programming style, or at least the modelling part of it – the UML. But fuck it, and him too, they’ll have to sort out that sh** themselves, I’m outta there soon enough. I can tell from his LinkedIn-profile he just established a consultant-company in his own name, so perhaps so is he. A lotta waves, above and below the surface. ~~~ Have been studying – when not indisposed by ways of regrettable health – some more programming, low-core but great stuff, all towards a more profound understanding of the technical aspects of my soon-to-come job. As is, I got it all from reading a book and having the time to try different approaches, but this is not the best way to learn – you always risk the chance of missing out on some important bits of info, if not – given the scope of the web developer engagement these days – some pretty big chunks. So doing that exam upcoming will do me good, and it’s good to be studying, learning, again. It’s not so hard as to be annoying and not so light as to be dull. I do look forward to that new job, tremendously so. ~~~ Well V got her period again and she had so wished to be pregnant, but there’s nothing to do but get back up on the old… erh, to get back in there. In between wanting to be a mother to two she’s on split decisions in regards as to what to do with her life, I spend the odd hour listening and get on with that of mine, I’ve heard it a kazillion times before. Given my upcoming paycheque I do think she should tell her current-bitch-she-doesn’t-like-boos to shove the job up her arse and take care of my own and my daughter, try to get some kind of document scanning gig up and running (God knows I’ve got the hardware at hand), she’d do me proud I’m sure. Truth be told I’m past caring, I only hope she’ll be content – not happy, that’s unlikely – in which ever station she opts for. At least for a lengthy while. Odds are she’ll be pregnant soon enough, by which time all her cares will vanish in an instant. ~~~ Plan to go up North next weekend, let the folks see their granddaughter and enjoy their company for a beat. Have Dad run a check on the car, thanks in advance. In regards to other family, am hoping to see a return of Malmoe and Sis and her Thomas next Thursday, enjoy Thor’s company as well – if he’s in, otherwise will ‘just’ go and spend the evening with my darling sister and her boyfriend of a lifetime. Do hope he’s in, cousin Thor, desire much to learn how he’s faring job-wise, he was going for an interview with Sony-Erichson today, actually. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Hope I’ll wake up and this sore throat will have cleared, and seen that when-you-swallow-it’s-like-gulping-down-a-fucking-pint-of-shards feeling. Am hoping for a quiet day.