Will start down a different career path when tomorrow I´ll be found at the Saxo Bank HQ in Hellerup. The strange thing is this, I´m not fazed by it, not even the least big worried. The only things that truly concerns me is indeed if I´ll be able to maintain a connection with my friends, now I´m set to travel the career-highway. I hope so. I do very much look forward to trying this out. ~~~ Getting used to the new keyboard-layout on this new laptop takes a bit. Bought it with the money from mum and dad, the dear folks (called on them this evening, they´re doing fine). Will come in handy, when I go to work on work, no pun intended, and studying for those exams I plan shall amplify my resumé, in due time. Weighs in at just over 4 lbs, the thing, a breeze to carry as opposed to those clunky UNI-C laptops. ~~~ Boring to tears weekend. Did V´s granddad´s 85th on Funen. Did my babysitting bit, talked very little with others. V did her usual stint of letting yours truly entertain our daughter while she had a ball of a time chatting with various members of her family. Great for her, ever a commitment on my part to look after the young one. I don´t remember one of these things I actually enjoyed. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.