Four days into the new job. A wealth of information comes my way, it´s an unstoppable tidal wave of it, even. I had forgotten the trials of the new-comer, everyone knows everything and I feel rather inadequate and ackward. But have gotten into a good dialogue, all around, and that at least gives me courage. Have been allotted a ´mentor´, in the shape of one Jens Christian Mikkelsen, who´s a very likeable guy. Highly knowledgeable, but that seems to be the general way. It´s a very, very different world from the public sector. Moves faster, and for sure there´s no idling in the fashion I´m used to. Which is great – there´s a helluva lot to learn, and if I´m to fulfill my personal goals of education and plainly getting a lot better at what I do for a living, it´s a step in the right direction. Have just today gotten the hang of it, the very basics of the system and such, and produced the first lines of code. I trust, in due time, I´ll find myself in a position where I may be more independent and skilled enough as to conduct my work in a more satisfactory manner. ~~~ New work means getting home later, much later, than I´m used to. Means I won´t be able to have breakfast with the young one and deliever her to her kindergarten, nor pick her up when the working day is over. And this first month, where I need to make a good impression, I´m back at 18.35 if I´m lucky… Had not thought it would affect me so, but it does, not being able to see her for an entire day. Have sneaked peaks at her, in her sleep. ~~~ On a financially positive note I ran a questionnaire-scanning job courtesy of the networking of Lars Huge, UNI-C sales-man who´s fed up with the UNI-C part and doesn´t mind making a bit on the side as well, given the fact he´s on his way outta there. Fine by me. In a shameful act of rules-breaking I snuck into my old work-place and used their gear to get the job done. In a matter of four hours had made some 5 to 6 thousand after tax, much to my joy. Have no intention of changing job-venues now that I´ve gotten into Saxo Bank, but I shall definitely hang on to the scanning company for a few extra quid on the side. Wrote an e-mail to some former clients, to inform them of my departure from UNI-C, oh, and briefly mention the fact that I was starting out as head of my own scanning company… Perhaps not the most collegueal(o) thing to do, but, as Bo Hedemark mentioned, haven´t the Danish government made enough on me as to allow me this? I at least deem it so (…). Let´s see if anything comes from it. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday marks the end of the very first week. Has been exciting, but I´m also glad there´s a breather before the next round, so to speak. Am looking truly forward to being around the little one again. Am hoping for a quiet day.