Went on a trip to the Tivoli in Copenhagen, all three of us. A grand tour, methinks the young one is likely to recall this one if ever a memory at this age should stick, she had a ball. Had the fortune of being there early, in which case there was a bit more elbow room compared to the early afternoon. It was a nice setting and a nice time, a lot of fun. Albeit somewhat tiring to a tiny soul, who is just enough of an age to begin to enjoy the challenges presented by such a scene. I’m sure she´ll be back for more, given a birthday or two. As will I. After the Tivoli we went to the Fisketorvet Shopping Centre for a bit of shopping and lunch, then back to Soroe. She was asleep barely beyond the city sign of Copenhagen. ~~~ A troubled week at work, I felt as if very little work got done on my part. I was presented with challenges I simply did not have the skill and knowledge to handle, as I came back from the Friday after working hours feeling like, well, shit. One thought it the happiest time of a life when in highschool there were no more exams to be passed, but as life will have it there always are, and they will pop up at always uncomfortable times. Uncomfortable because being in an exam positions is a sign that one lacks a certain knowledge and needs to be tried, and there is ever the chance of falling short of other´s expectations. I fell, at least in regards to the working week of last, through in mine, and I´m facing the glum(o) perspective of letting that be known on Monday. I do not consider myself dumb, nor do I lack the determination required. I have a few scars on my face and have found a couple of loaded guns in my face in my time, and I commit myself to the uttermost to overcome this obstacle in my way, but there´s no doubt it´ll take all I have. ~~~ I could do with some collateral on the homefront, though. V is slugging it out with her dear mummy again, and emotions ensue… Also she´s taking to coughing and coughing at evenings and nights, doc doesn´t think much of it but she does, seeing it a another sickness in a long line of sickness upon sickness. She´s right, too, there only has been sickness in her wake throughout the last quarter. One thing leads to the next. I´m positive it´s born out of stress, the kind she´s prone to. ~~~ Damn near falling asleep as I write this. Go to bed – now. Exclamation mark. So I will. Tomorrow Sunday. Will do a massive clean-up of this house. Am hoping for a quiet day.