Dreadful day at work. Fell through in so many ways. I’m not taking to this job venue. I must admit the skill-level of my colleagues is too high for me to absorb. And the demeanour of my ‘mentor’ leaves something to be desired. He seems incable of appreciating the fact that everyone around him does not own up to his level. He does have some consolation points, but they’re sure far between. Also, the way they’re taking in new people is … horrible. I am expected to deliever content to a live trading platform, sans proper tools of testing and they do not hesitate in rolling out my changes, without checking the code of my changes! If I had been in their shoes, I would’ve never allowed anyone new to do that until three months and a shitload of peer programming and documentation reading into the job. But as it is, I’m blamed for the mishaps – and left to defend myself in light of the fact that there’s a broadband stream of new information I’m having to absorb. They’re asking too much, at least from me. Seriously contemplating going back to Uni-C at the end of those three months’ leave of absense. I would, wouldn’t I. Life’s too short. Still it haunts me, that old Billy Joel-song, “Pressure”. “I’m sure you have some cosmic rationale/But you will come to a place/Where the only thing you feel/Are loaded guns in your face/And you have to deal with pressure”. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping the throat soreness, the dizziness and the general wearyness will be gone. Am hoping for a quiet day.