Where to go and what to do. Those are the questions which plague me these days. Having quit my day-job – indeed this day repaid them 95 percent of their prepaid salary of this month – I’m pondering those questions and their potential choices. Have managed to adopt two job-search engines on the Internet, as well as circled out two jobs I’d like a crack at an interview in regards to. One is a time-winner: Located just twentyfive minutes in a car up the road from here. But I’m unsure about the prospects of working there, don’t think I’ll entirely fit their bill. The other one is with a named company, MyTravel, holds a greater chance I’ll be into the technology and besides it’s an attractive workplace, at the Copenhagen Airport. But that’s also travel time to boot. V’s advice is to check them both out, sts, which is what I’ll do. ~~~ Studying, studying. That’s the bane of a job in the IT section, isn’t it. Five hour’s reading to this day, even. How’s that for school. Old school. I am very, very happy, at this point, that I managed to secure that Microsoft certification before the beginning of that holiday up North, camping. I basked in my own glory in writing those credentials to my CV, and I’m quite confident it’ll provide an edge to my job-hunting. Looks great in salmon color at the top of that curriculum vitae. ~~~ Dragged lots and lots of crap from away from the corner of the garden and, well, off to a different corner of the garden. I’m sure I’ll sleep like a baby tonight because of the effort, am certainly not used to those kind of physical strains. But I guess I’d better get in gear, for come Monday there’s two tonnes of crushed stone arriving and someone – yours truly – will need to distribute it around said garden. All in the name of the Gods of decorative purposes. It’s good for getting the mind off matters of late, that’s for sure. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Loads of work to go about, garden-wise. Am hoping for a quiet day.