Another day of job-interviews, two of them. Offered, finally, significant resolutions to my state of job-lessness. I very much opt for the first one, they’ll get back to me tomorrow. If this fails, the second option have proven a ‘go’, as they called half an hour after the interview and expressed their intest. Which was great, truly. At either rate, I hope I won’t be too much of a disappointment to them. Fact remains I have less experience than those of my year, on account of doing everything but IT work from 94 to 98. The first option I so hope for will offer a chance to not only remedy that situation, it is also situated in Roskilde, some forty-five minutes away. No more of those lengthy train-rides into town. Let’s see how it fares. Though I have secured employment, at least so it seems, I did receive a rejection mail in my inbox today. A testament to said inexperience, sure. Possible it was all in the name of good timing, that. To humble me up a bit. I suppose I would’ve been in a worse mental state if I had been dying for a job, any job. But the odds are favorable at the moment, which is of course very nice. Looking for a job, well it’s something I haven’t gone about for many years and I get to gather why not. It’s a tricky thing. Basically it boils down to being a rollar-coaster ride of securing acceptance of others. You want them to like you, accept them into their flock. Rather primal, but true, that’s the way it works. And you get turned down and that’s a horrible feeling, prompting self-doubt and insecurity. “Was I not good enough, what happened, why didn’t they like me, I’m a likeable guy ain’t I?”. Those sort of things. Horrible sensation. So I’m glad it’s not something I have to do every day. I wouldn’t have the stomach for it. I find it more mentally challenging than the actual work behind the job behind the interview. I would’ve lasted one more week of this before I had raced back into the security-blanket of UNI-C, now former workplace. ~~~ Great part of the day was having lunch with Lars Brink, whom I called on the spur of the moment whilst travelling the freeway from interview one to interview two. Had time to spare and met up with him at Christianshavn, great chat, great company. He too has quit his job and is looking around. Whatever he finds, I hope he’ll be happy doing it. I remain glad I’ve kept the connection alive and open, never more so than now, where the anxieties of youth are past me and I’ve settled in, thus am not so envious with him and possible – more than likely – a less bothersome partner in conversation. I can’t tell greater changes in his demaenour, if they are there they will be for the better. I only hope for the chance to spend many more hours in his presence. He mentioned he’d probably, due to his job-situation, have a lot of time to himself, soon. Which I should make full use of. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Could do with a quiet one, sleep in, take it easy. Am hoping for a quiet day.