Got on a train to Copenhagen, though not, as has been the case throughout the last few years, for work, at least not the regular kind. Teamed up with Jesper at UNI-C to deliever support in favor of an application I coded a number of years back. Turned out to be a very small thing, half an hour and the issue was dealt with. Still I charged them for the trip out, the support itself, and the trip back home. This at 850 an hour; a profitable day, that’s for sure. Then it was time to meet up with Vibeke, at Oesterport whereafter we headed for the ferry-terminal to execute that birthday-present she gave me, a mini-cruise to Oslo. Boarded at half past three in the afternoon. ~~~ It has been a number of years since I last sailed on a ship as big as this, if ever. I was always sea-strong, so no problem there. Probably due to all the hayfever-medicine I stocked up on as a child, that’s basically the same active ingredient as is used in sea-sickness pills, or at least it was at the time. Albeit the circumstances in regards to this trip are vastly different as compared to the childhood trips, or the bunk-beds visit to Bornholm to do the Ultra-marathon (or trying to do it, anyways). At the slightly-below three thousand mark we got a three person cabin to ourselves, private toilet and bath and no complains at all as far as both of us were concerned. I guess that’s just another thing I like about her, she’s not shy about roughing it. I suspect a million girls would be in hysterics at being located near the engine-room, at least I’ve known my share. But no complaints here. In fact the layout of the cabin and in particular the beds, collapsable into the walls, invited a heightened sense of erotic energy, so to speak. I will repeat here what I said to her over the phone whilst she and K was away for the weekend (allowing yours truly to enjoy the F1-weekend, another birthday-present), that although I had ushered a desire to try one of these trips I would’ve probably not have gone about it; of fear of spending that money in the wrong way. In which respect I’m damn glad I have her to set me straight; ’twas a brilliant idea, and the day turned out great, as I’m sure will the tomorrow, too. ~~~ A ferry of a capacity such as this is sure able to hold its own at sea. Seems like an unstoppable force. Also, it’s like a tiny world in itself, isn’t it. You get your apartments, the shops, all the different forms of entertainment (the work, if that’s your kind of pleasure). I find it a fascinating mode of transportation, but then I knew I would – given the length of time I’ve been shy of it. Made the best use of it, methinks, both of us. After boarding and a bath and a little bit of soul we did some shopping, reserved our table at the restaurant (one of many) and parted ways, she in favor of exploration, myself in pursuit of e-mail checking opportunities. Did cost me 40 crowns to gain web-access but ’twas worth it: news in the mail of another scanning-job coming, once more courtesy of Lars Huge. One of these days I aspire to secure gigs of and on my own, yet for now it was great news, particularly given this spending-spree we’ve embarked on. Back at the restaurant – or buffet, rather – for a huge dinner we barely managed to walk away from. I let her talk me into trying the spa, me, complete novice in the field. That sure was a lot of bubbles, and it didn’t really soothe this sore throat I’ve got going on, like she said it would, but not altogether an unpleasent experience. Popped in the sauna for something like thirty seconds, aptly realizing how sitting bare-assed on a piece of charcoal-hot wood didn’t really provide for the very best use of what time I have left in this world. Did an outside tour but quickly returned inside; a bit on the chilly side, i.e. Rested in our cabin – yours truly writing this – before hitting the movies, at the local cinema – one of two(!). Saw “Transformers”, enjoyable though foregettable action-romp by Hollywood’s been-there-done-that task-force. Back to bed. Well tired, as ’twere. Tomorrow awaits Oslo. Have been to its airport once, en route from New York to Copenhagen, but never felt the soletary airstrip provided me with enough of an insight into Norway nor the norwegens, so am looking forward to visiting with the inner workings of its capital. Won’t have much time there, but hopefully enough time as to gather if it’s a venue of the sort one should return to, for an extended stay. Am hoping for a quiet day.