Had Kirstine to myself throughout the day, as V was Funen-side in support of her folks, this being three years to the date of her brother’s – their son – departure from this world. I think I made the day for the young one – started out with a whopping three-hour playing session which turned into a hot tub and then seeing her running around naked as God made her for the next couple of hours, too. And in the evening put her on my shoulders and went for french fries and chocolate-milk, perhaps not the healthiest of diets for a three-year old but she loves it so. The strangest thing happened on our way back: We were walking towards home when the 234-bus out of Slagelse pulled up and allowed an elderly woman off, perhaps a trifle alternative in her ways of clothing but not in a way which would have had me second-guessing as to her next move; which was to commence adressing Kirstine, whom she had overheard stating she had a stomach-ache going on. Well, one “You have a stomach-ache, little friend?” and one “Perhaps you had too much to eat?” later I let her know, through my demeanour (blunt answers and a general ‘go-away’ attitude) I didn’t care for her directly adressing my daughter, as well as yours truly, which was her last move before thankfully redirecting herself – or so I thought – towards the Q8 gas-station down the street. I took it as a prime opportunity to sit down with Kirstine and explain to her why she shouldn’t respond to loonies asking questions. When said looney in question took this as a sign to return and ask the, to her deranged mind, obvious questions: “Tell me, are you some kind of sick pervert or what!?”. Well I sure as shit wasn’t ready for that one, how the heck does one respond to that? I should’ve probably stated “no” or punched her, in hindsight there was nothing I’d rather have done but slap her around; in stead I opted for a basic “I think you should leave us alone”, which she didn’t feel like, even stepped even closer into the private sphere I like to have around myself and sure as shit my daughter, and so I reached out to let her know “to here and no further”. Her last utterance “don’t you raise your hand to me!”. How to respond, how to respond… I picked up my girl and walked away from it. Again, hindsight, I would’ve loved to punch her, I probably would have if she had come closer. I guess my instinct took over, and that instinct was to get away from her. I hope V’s right, that punching her – and I did feel threathened by her – would have left the wrong message with K. The thing is, everyone in the right mind would’ve shied away from her and her approach, directly interferring and interacting with people she’d never even met. Few people enjoy that kind of company, the one you don’t ask for and which clings to you like a foul odour you can’t get rid of. Whetner it’s based in utter loliness (likely) or a mental disorder (thankfully less likely, though a definite possibility), this kind of provoking reactions out of strangers is sadly never as succesful as its director would like it. Whereas some are more open than others, we all have that private zone; and would all like to make that call for ourselves, who gets to come close. Especially so, of course, when we have our children around to protect. I feel in part bad for her, for this kind of behaviour, unacceptable as it is, is often not of ones own choosing, rather the reaction of a frail existance in a terminal state of anger or remorse or worse. Yet then reality kicks in and I wouldn’t lift my hand to help her, not with my child near me – for ’tis not to say what she might do in response to what her feeble mind is concocting, I can’t take that risk. So I’ll stick with my anger here, and the next time something like this happens, for that’s truly the kind of response I would like to have at hand, the one which anger grants. She sure got me a case of the whillies; I made damn sure to look behind me on my way back, as to prevent a damn stalking case building(!). Crazy bitch. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Time to clean out the basement and check if the scanner still works. I hope so, will need it soon enough. Have been careless and done a lot of work down there, turned up a lot of dust which might get into the camera of the device, silly me. Hope for the best. Am hoping for a quiet day.