I had a job promised me by BEC but they fucked me over, screw me into the ground and cheated me out of a gig. Words couldn’t describe my sentiment at the time of that reveal; I cut the messenger off on the phone, let him know how I felt: Bitter and indescribely angry. I let them have it in an e-mail, lengthy. Still no response from them. From my first interview with them everything was lined up for a job, they themselves in no uncertain terms let me know this by way of e-mail communication. Then when came the time for a second interview, after having left me waiting for a month until they found me a department where I might live (their words), the interview was not one of adressing competences in regards to assignments but rather if I were at all suited towards the job – which I had thought already in the bag. Plus they were quizzing me on technology I had previously let them know I didn’t intend to pursue, career-wise. Plus the gig was a helluva way from where they’d said it would be. That will be the first time I’ve been had like this, and it left a sore taste in my mouth. Had not the situation been such that I’m on official leave from UNI-C, I’d been royally fucked. As it is, I called Karsten and let him on the situation. So tomorrow I’m back on the commute, to and fro. How curious that will feel. ~~~ Is this a ploy by God to let me hold station? Truth be told I’m relieved. It’s true; it’s the safer way to travel. These months – three of them – have not been without their rewards. I did harvest one month’s experience with Saxo Bank. I did manage a length holiday where I touched up on the house, in such a fashion as to write off those projects and find time to commence a new screenplay. I did seek out job opportunities and gained a positive response hereto. I did pass one of the two exams en route to a certificate as technology specialist. And I did find the time to kickstart the scanning-company. So, well, yea, not the worst thing that could happen. I shall value the free time which comes with the lesser challengs of UNI-C, as opposed to any other private corporation. Will grant me the time to conclude the screenplay and sort out other ventures to my interest. Still… It’s not the way I had things planned out. But it’s the way the cards have been dealt, and given current state of household affairs it’ll suffice, and then some. ~~~ Met up with Thor in Malmö, at his brief return before leaving next morning for Berlin, towards the marathon held there. Though insecure about his future direction, he seemed happy. One funny thing about the meeting was getting re-aquainted with cousin Lennart, his older brother whom I recognized in the airport. Having been about a year shy of his 5-year stint in a German prison he seemed fit for fight; and later in fact revealed to me he’d if not enjoyed his time behind bars then at least made the best of it, supposedly in conditions not akin a regular dorm only without the parties and discoteques. As the evening progressed I received, in spades, confirmation in regards to his continued criminal lifestyle. At least he’s no longer into running illegal substances (though I doubt he’d have the self-discipline to let the opportunity pass, should it arise), rather “importing” “used” german automobiles. Suffice to say I didn’t feel to pay too much attention to his tips of trade. Some people just never learn. A shame, really; he carries himself well. I hope he stays on the right side of the law. Crashed on Thor’s couch. I hope he decides to return soon, I miss those Thursdays terribly. But of course I’m able to appreciate if it’ll be a while. ~~~ Brief talk with Sis: She and Thomas survived a horrible scare on the freeway, which nevertheless left their car totalled. Not as disastreous as may sound; althought they did get hit from behind whilst breaking from high speed to avoid the spinner-offer in front of them, little outside damage was visible but apparently the car’s steel framing suffered enough as to be deemed unreliable. They’re, both them, alright. She described it as one helluva rollar-coaster ride, I’ll believe that. Look forward to seeming them soon. It’s so anti-climatic evertime I learn of someone I know who has a car of reasonable fit getting broken; I can’t help but compare to our not-so-reliable Ford Escort, which I suspect won’t be with us for very much longer. If indeed it goes, I won’t be replacing it within half a year at least. With V at home, taking care of business locally, there’s little need for it. Even if we plan a trip up North, there’s always short-stopping in Nyborg to shorten the trip. It really solves a lot of things, her being at home. I’m a brighter spirit because of it, not having to constantly listen to complaints of this and that. Apart from the constant aftermath of the absolutely ridiculous way she’s decided to quit her job (by lying her way to a depression and having yours truly return the key to her workplace, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.), she’s the happier, too. I just hope we can afford it, in the longer run. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Up early, to catch the 5.30. How will that feel, I wonder. I suppose it’ll be a lot darker now. Am hoping for a quiet day.