Spectacular droll(?) weekend. Did fifteen hours’ overtime, which will stand me in good stead around Christmas-time, when there’s a forced vacation week from the firm – but I have spent all the holidays I have at my disposal, so am forced to work up overtime to cover fort’. Which I gladly do, though secretly wishing the assignment was a bit more challenging. Entering numbers on the keypad for fifteen hours is… Yea. ~~~ Bit of drop in temperature. Didn’t help us get rid of the moscitoes, though. Will help us, though, in shying us of our automobile; took some persuation in firing up this damp morning, I give it two months, tops. Drove it to the local outlet and I was somewhat disturbed to notice they’d put out the Christmas calendars, mid-October as opposed to December 1st. ~~~ Extended chat with Sis in the evening, until the battery on my phone was spent. Good to talk with her at length again. Beyond that freeway incident they’re on the look-out for a new ride; other than that, all’s normal. Look forward to seeing them again on the 28. ~~~ She got her period again today, V, this after having gone two weeks beyond it. Hard to tell why her body is acting up like this, but then again it never acted in a regular manner, did it. So she’t not pregnant after all, and she seems to have given up on the notion for a beat. Did not even seem surprised nor severely aggrivated; I guess the last outing, the one which ended up at the Slagelse General Hospital, is to blame in this. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday, am even glad to get to work after a boring weekend such as this. At least the train-ride will leave me room for thought. I’ll direct it towards that questions-and-answers test-quiz I bought in preparation of the upcoming exam, the one which will make me “Cerficied Technology Specialist” in web programming the Microsoft way. Beyond that will get cracking on the script again, left it to rest whilst focusing my energies elsewhere – in the hope of getting some distance from it, in fact, to allow me to back and re-read some of it and have it tell me where goes from where I left off. ~~~ Second working week gone by, third commencing. It has done me good to get back to the daily routine, the people there, the sense of belonging and achieving something useful with one’s time (exchanging it for money, that is). This was the right decision to make, at the right time. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.