Spent the night at Lars Brink’s residence in Hvidovre, beyond an extended working day. As V dispatched herself and the little one to Funen I found an excuse to visit with him and his lovely family, and thus be home the Friday early morning and do everything but work, having already earned that right. In truth I needn’t spend the night, but I had a desire towards this as it’s been ages since I saw him in the flesh and also I went for the new experience, it’s been a while since last I spent the night in a strange place. I had forgotten how to fall asleep to the city soundscape, or suburb rather, but eventually managed. He seems to have a good thing going on with his wife and daughter; the latter impressed me in regards to her open spirit and ease of smile, she was not afraid of me and even approached me, a strange man in their midst. Two years of age; lifted her up and she weighed so little, compared to my own girl. He talked about moving out; they seem a bit bothered by the two-storey nature of their casa, and Sandra notably suffered physically – broken leg – on account of the winding stairs. In short ’twas good to meet with him again. Though out of a job he’s secured enough consultancy work so as to manage, and seem in a good mood, we had many laughs. Slept insanely bad on his couch. If it’s not my own girl who’s taken ill, I’ll wake up to the coughing of someone else’s daughter. ~~~ So, Friday’s up. Will focus on studying towards my exam, next Tuesday, and get some programming done on my own projects. Hope to get as far as to rid them of my schedule, thus allow time to delve into the screenplay again. Have deliberately put it down in favor of a short break, wishing to detach myself from it, go at it with fresh eyes again. So that’s on the horizon, though first and foremost, the exam, my second of two – fingers crossed – allowing me a title of certified programmer. Will rid me of fear of being unemployed, that’s for sure, also a gratifying experience; although being an IT-professional is in part a permanent education, it’s been years since last I put myself to an official test. A family-free weekend grants me the best of opportunities to prepare. So will get cracking, then relax to the noise of race-car engines in what lures(?) to be the thrilling end to an exciting Formula-1 season. So much time spent following that sport throughout the year, I even wonder what I’ll go about with that time to spare during the sport’s winter season. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.