Brief one. En route back to Soroe after a tourteen hour working day – at my own call, i.e., so I might not have to work as much tomorrow. Chaotic morning: V spent the night at her girlfriend’s in Copenhagen but had promised to be back by half to eight, but she overslept and never showed. And I spent the night on the couch, thinking she’d come back. In the morning I heard small footsteps of our daughter moving from her own bedroom into ours, supposedly in the belief her mommy was resting there – alas, not so. She was not pleased; though generally she took it well enough, when I informed her I was the one slipping her off to kindergarten. One helluva effective morning; she breakfast, did her lunch-packet, put her in front of the cartoons for the ten minutes it took to getting ready to move out, thus also ensuring her cooperation in regards to having to put alla that clothes on (it only gets colder by the day, now). Has been a while since I was the one handing her over, but it was nice, and I made my train in time. ~~~ Working on … a lot of things. Have a number of ideas in my head I need to act on, alla these notions and it-would-be-nice-to’s, but of course there aren’t 845 hours in a day and I’ll have to prioritize. Consider myself lucky, though, to have all of these things keeping me busy, and to a great extent content as well. Bad news is that they keep me from the screenwriting. My own private writer’s block? Could well be. Christmas nears. Oh, and there’ll be an election in three weeks. How to keep track… Tomorrow Friday. Am taking the day off, in light of my efforts abovementioned. Am hoping for a quiet day.