Ah, November. This morning the frost had glued last night’s corns of hale to the road, made for a tricky drive. Of which there will be plenty more I’m sure. Have made som attempts to heat up the house, insulating whereever my last supply of rockwool suffices. This present time there is little excuse, as the young one has picked up a pneumonia she cannot seem to get rid of. Has been with her two weeks now, the coughing. She seems to be in good spirit, never the less there’s that last 10-15 percent she can’t shake despite her ration of penicillin. So the heater is running, the fireplace too, etc. All in a good cause. I suppose V was a bit disappointed with her acupunturist, Lin the Chinese guy, in as much as she had the little one up there twice with nothing to show for it but the bills. All that believing. Tuesday – knock on wood – plumbers will arrive and replace the furnace with a new, better one. Fingers crossed – handy-men are not the most reliable sorts, in these their days of pick-and-choose. I got in the wrong job, I think. Speaking of which, have amassed a number of hours at late, to cover for next weekend’s plane-trip up north. Hope it sticks, this time, some fortnight ago had it in to fly out but all that sickness got in the way. Given the plumbers arrival, V takes the little one to Funen to stay with her mum and dad for two days. Hope some of that grandmum’s dinner will do her some good, she hardly eats at all, dammit. ~~~ Election draws near, a blissfully short three weeks’ campaign. This time am taking a bit more of a socialist stance than late, wherefore I haven’t a clue. Well, I suppose some three years ago I didn’t need to rely on the system so much, having not established the family I have now. So that’s probably the reason. This present administration has done well, methinks, but it’s also time to move in a different direction, as a number of unfortunate ones have been rather left out of the loop, so to speak. Am thinking of the mentally ill, as well as the refugees from the war the administration in question supported, and have continued to support throughout. We cannot advocate human rights abroad if we do to nurish it at home, and I for one would not like to support someone mentally incapacitated through a system which is geared towards cost-saving, let alone raise a refugee child in a camp where no children should ever be confined. Tightening things up and keeping a tidy ship have done our discipline some good, yet the time has come for a new deal. The way things look the outcome of the whole things will not bring great change about, though the potential this time is greater that compromises will be sought more often. All right, then. ~~~ I shall enjoy this winter more than last because V is (by her own hand) out of a job. A bit shameful to admit, but she’s far more benign and capable of dealing with the cold when she doesn’t have to get up to it. I would’ve gone mad having to listen to her complaints about the car, her job, the cold, you name it. I just hope the budget will add up, too. At my own end, I remain insecure as to the future, job-wise. Since my return to UNI-C Karsten has been a bit of a pain in the arse, too often tracking me down courtesy of Microsoft Messenger and enquiring as to “What are you working on?”. I’m working on work, dammit, trust me to it! Also the spirit of the place as deteriorated since the arrival of that ministry-department we do so much tech-work for. For Lars and Henrik it seems to be a thing of ‘they bring on so much work but they don’t take on any’, i.e. the basic resistance towards change I’ve come to know and despice. I suppose I’m the wrong one to judge, they’ve been there longer than have I; yet I cannot but help fancying these ministry-lads and their projects, which I find interesting and worthy challenges. Given my new-found title of Microsoft (c) Certified Technology Specialist (Tm) – which I rub in their noses, whenever I get the chance – I do look at these projects in a whole different light. Used to be a linear programming style suited towards getting connected to a database, getting something up on the screen, and getting the hell outta there. Now it’s a whole new game, the solutions are far more complex and, thankfully, far more fun to do. I promised them six month’s, and I do intent to honor it, of course. Then what I’ll do, that’s the insecurity-part. Go for broke, i.e. private consulting? Or go abroad, to work in the UK if possible? Time, and getting beyond the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, will tell. ~~~ Tonight play host to a revival of computer-gaming with the old Aalborg-based squad, our 2. WW-thing I derived a great many ful-filled hours from, some three year’s ago. Have been out of the loop for a long time, due to lack of interest and too much family-caring in my private time. Now I’ve set up a three-days retro-campaign and let’s see how that fares. Won’t get back into gaming full-time, as then, there’s just too many other fun stuff to do. Screenplay-writing, programming, etc., but I won’t mind the passtime. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.