Did a bit longer stint at work, to subcumb the paternal headache of a weekend spent up North, in Jutland, with mum and dad and the little one. With V in Copenhagen, studying, I thought it best to get out of town. Which meant the kid got her first flying lesson, as we got on a domestic flight to Aalborg where dad picked us up. Proved to be hellishly expensive – particularly so as we were late in checking in and the line was a thousand miles. So we had to reschedule, at the cost of 625 crowns per nose, man, I felt I was paying through mine that’s for sure. And V almost went into hysterics in front of the airline officials present, I had to intervene and stop her from causing a major scene and thus prevent us from getting onboard the flight at all. Man, she should know better, she’s thirty-five years of age and there she is, acting like a school-girl on the scholar dole. Bizarre, even. Anyways, we got up, up, and away, and it sure was fun to regard the youngster jumping in her seat whilst we took off and climbed into the skies. She got a whole lot out of that. If broadening her horizon, physically and mentally, was ever the motivation for the trip, it was a sure-fire success. ~~~ Hard work taking care of the little one up there, where mum isn’t good for anything but bitching and dad isn’t the mobile man of his youth. I was glad when it was over and he drove us to Aarhus, where we got on the express-train to Odense. Quick stop in Odense for a snack and another train to board, a city bus to our street once at Soroe Station… Who needs a car, for what. We do fine without. V’s been in and out of Copenhagen at her leisure ever since they came to drag that old pile of junk of a Ford away, stranded in Nyborg. No stopping us in going where we wish to go. With the gasoline-prices soaring dangerously near 11 crowns per litre, I’m the happier. Especially as I consider the cost of the new furnace, recently installed. ~~~ Hard to put two thoughts together, suddenly. It’s the drearyness, if that’s even a word? I haven’t slept quite right lately. Past her pneumonia the kid has gotten it in he to wake up around three o’clock for a drink of milk and diving into our queen-size, at which point I retreat to the couch to not sleep the rest of the night until parting with the abode near five, towards the five thirty to our capital. Well considering how I usually go to bed near 23, that just doesn’t amass to the number of resting hours I should be treating my body to. And I do feel the effect. So perchance I’ll sleep in the basement tonight, get a decent night’s rest. I’m getting too old for this kind of thing. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Look forward to visiting Rasmus, who’s stalled on previous arrangements in favor of dating a new girl in his life. Am happy for him; parting with the old one, of long-lasting relationship-status, was a tough nut to crack I know. Will bring my trusty laptop and the joystick of the 80’es I bought and we’ll settle ’round some retro-gaming and hopefully get a bit of fun outta that. Hasn’t it been (ice)ages since I did a decent two-player round of anything. God, the hours I spent as a kid… I dare not think hereof. Never the less I look forward to getting my kicks in. Am hoping for a quiet day.