One of Lars Huge’s contacts dropped by in the early morning with some questionnaires he needed scanned. Amiable fellow, he’s now supplied me with three jobs and I’m sure there will be more. This scanning-business has developed into a nicely tuned part-time exploration, I think I’ll just hit the 100.000 crowns in turnover this year. Sadly, though, the profit will not be of that size, no-where near, as Lars takes his 50%. But still it’s a nice enough scheme, I just hope it’ll be able to run like this for a few years before it all dries out. ~~~ I can’t actually remember when I last slept through an entire night, devoid of having to listen to the kid coughing. Don’t know what her problem is – perhaps bronchitis(?). She never did seem to get over that pneumonia, maybe the got the pennicillin-mix wrong or something. Took her five days to recover, the penicillin I’ve come to know and love usually works much faster than that. It’s beginning to tax me, I submit; not sleeping well at nights. I’m not 23 anymore (which is probably for the best anyway, I would’ve thrown tantrums(?)). I do wish she would recover enough as to allow her frame some rest, and thus yours truly too. She doesn’t seem to be horrificly bothered by it, though, but then I guess she sleeps longer than us, doesn’s she. V and her mother are planning a Swedish get-away beyond the Christmas, methinks, must remember to have them option a afbestillingsforsikring(?). ~~~ Gearing up for Christmas. Arrives later this year, but then we haven’t had a car at our disposal, thus have not been around the shopping districts so much. They did a decent job at decorating the township, ‘s about all I paid heed. Look forward to getting the tree, was always a joy decorating it, the kid gets so much outta it. ~~~ Funny business Inc. at work. I didn’t like the size of my pay-cheque at the end of last year’s negotiations, and so tried the move to Saxo Bank. Got bruised on my programming ego there and returned to the old stomping ground, where the discontent increases every day, discountig yours truly. Lars and Henrik, and Bo as well, in my book they all make good money – 40.000 on Lars and Bo’s account, 47.000 on Henrik’s – but they make so much noise about not being rewarded enough, I could just about throw up listening to them. Lars, especially. I think I may be getting on his nerves. He makes 40.000 a month, has great benefits, he is not obligated in his life by anything but himself, no wife, no kids, sits in a close-to-downtown apartment with a low rent and a great real-estate profit to it – and still he wants more. His pay is more than decent, compared to that he would get working for a private enterprise – and if was in that boat, he’d work a helluva lot more than he does now, loose alla his influence, be more stressed out than he is now (which is stretching it and then some) and probably be more tight-assed (won’t even go there). I can’t get my mind around that greed. Wake up, man, you got a good thing going on. Methinks he’s discontent in regards to being thirty and no girl to show for it. At any rate his certainly my favorite aggrivation this Christmas-period – smile. I myself opt to learn more and more and more, keep the certifications coming and improve my CV. Around March there’s another round of negotiations; I can afford to bide my time. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.