Barely survived meeting up with Claus in Aalborg. Man, that was a rough night out, I was all bent out of shape in the morning. But that sure was one helluva time, I’ll testify. Him having booked us hotel-rooms was an absolutely terrific idea. Met up around five o’clock in the afternoon and made a straight dash for the renowned Jomfru Ane Gade, walk-way of pubs and eateries. From the word go the conversation flowed freely and such was the pleasure of his company I soon forgot the time. Another free-flowing thing was the beer, I seemed strangely able to follow him suit, despite the fact he’s at least 20 kilos heavier than I. Explains perhaps why I felt like shit the today. Talked about everything from work to movies to poker to politics. Even did a tour of Casino Aalborg, by far the smallest casino I’ve ever been inside of. Then back to the pub street and some discoteque, then arrived back at the hotel at some three o’clock. Five hours of sleep and breakfast at half past nine, an all-you-could-eat buffet but my body was having none of it. Exchanged goodbyes and went our separate ways at ten. Fantastic night, marvellous company. I much look forward to seeing him again. ~~~ It’s good to be back to visit the folks, get some distance and peace of mind. I can sleep in and that I do. Am concerned about their respective coughing. They really have messed up their lungs, smoking so much, I don’t know how much further they have left. Ten years is probably the most. The old man in particular heaves for air like a retired coal-miner. I don’t know why I get so annoyed by all the small-talk but I do. Maybe because I felt like crap all day. Jonna gets more kantankerous(o) with every visit. The old adage(o) “If you have nothing good to say” etc. is utterly wasted with her, she juts can’t seem to see anyone else’s side of things. Sis is probably right, she gets like this because she’s in a lot of pain all the time. So I should shut the fuck up and humor her, which I will do. Tomorrow; as far as I and this stomach-trouble comes from heavy drinking is concerned, everything is on hold until tomorrow. Will try and see if one of their bicycles holds air, would like to bike to Roum or such, get som fresh air in my face. In the evening will take the car to Skive and visit with Thor and Philip. Tomorrow, Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.