As the keypad of my mobile phone accidentally fell out, I saw it necessary to purchase another. In all honeste this was perhaps not entirely necessary, as I have the notion replacement keypard are available through retail. But I had given V one of these new ones for X-mas, and have been jaloux ever since. So I got the near same model for myself today. Features an ready-for-use Internet connection. I can have it in my pocket, then bring out my laptop and tell it to connect to the phone which then operates as a high-speed modem and grants me Internet and E-mail access on the go. That’s the killer application as far as I’m concerned. Being always connected is perhaps not my idea of full-time fun, but having the power of communication at my command will come in handy more than once, methinks. ~~~ Very concerned about the current financial crisis. Never more so when people of substantial note speak out in public on behalf of pessimism. George Soros, in today’s Financial Times: “The danger is that the resulting political tensions, including US protectionism, may disrupt the global economy and plunge the world into recession or worse”. That’s a scary notion for sure. Who should like to tell the greedy American bastards they can’t have the kind of share of the pie they used to, because they’re not cutting it over Asia and Europe anymore? That’s not what they would like to hear, and the old money in that splendid country has an alarming say with the government and the military. So I’ll put my hopes on Hillary Clinton, for one, and keep my own finances in liquid funds, second. Very concerned. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am meeting Rasmus and, hopefully, Mads in Copenhagen. Has been a while, look forward hereto. Am hoping for a quiet day.