Worked from half nine to five, then was out the door of my workplace to meet up with Rasmus and Mads, respectively. Rasmus first; had a bite to eat at the Strecker’s Bar (Hollywood Special for me, James Dean Cheese Burger for him), then went for a movie at the Grand. Have enjoyed many fine features there, though not this one. Can’t even recall the title of it now, some sad four hours beyond the closing curtains, so won’t commit it to memory that’s for sure. Dreadfully boring piece of shit. But the company, as always outstanding. Later in the evening Mads came to call, shared a beer the three of us, then Rasmus was on his way home. Claims he’s working 50-55 hours per working week, which is quite ridiculous, to his own admittance. Hope he’ll find a way to cut back on it, as for one he’s not being paid by the hours, and secondly no job is worth not having time towards one’s own accomplishments. Meeting Mads again was equally rewarding. Half year into his relationship with his Susanne he’s still very high on it, and his happiness rubs off. Am very happy for him. ~~~ Contemplate taking the morrow off, on sick-leave. Though the sore throat would be cleared by now but it stays with me and now there’s a nasty cough to go with it, reminiscent of that damn pneumonia I suffered last year. Wouldn’t like to repeat it, but that’s the way it looks so I’d probably best stay below the covers. Not to my own liking, that’s for sure. Could be the inclination of a winter in the making, I haven’t to my memory suffered any kind of the usual setback a dedicated season change brings. I hope it not, though. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.