Yet another call to the company phone, I haven’t a clue how they get the hold of me but apparently they do. Alas my quotes seem to be too much for them, as they do not call me back. But it’s surely nice to be noticed, and who knows what might come of it. V seems much relaxed by the fact that we’re doing business, never matter the miniscule turnover. Means she can nurse a healthy conscience, in light of the fact that the phone is answered by non other than herself. She’s happier than she’s been for, well, since I’ve met her, which is grand. Also a costly affaire, but, heck, I’ll sacrifice the dough in favor of the happiness. She’s off to Funen for the weekend, which pretty much leaves it to my own devices. Plan to get working on the script, would lke to take a big chunk out of it but am somewhat sadly stuck and can’t work out where to go from here. Hope I’ll get it going, has been looking at the empty page for a spell now. ~~~ A few tired days at work. Get up early, sleep on the commute, work, get back (sleeping on the commute), go to bed early. Haven’t much of energy these days. Am in need of sunlight, which has eluded us for some months now. Eagerly await the spring. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.