Dreadful weekend. Spent most part of it in bed, coughing my lungs out. Pneumonia, if I were to guess. This Monday forewent the guessing and went to the doc’s. Am actually penning this from the waiting room, so no score in just yet. I really need to do something about my immunous system. Exercise some more, is probably the right perscription for yours truly. I never got this sick when I ran those marathons. Of course back then I hadn’t a kid and a wife to keep me bacteria-updated. At any damn rate, I hope I get it cleared out soon enough. I’m a sour ass when I’m ill. Even had to postpone my dentists appointment, dammit. ~~~ Brief chat with the old man on the wire. They had sis and Thomas stay with’em over the weekend, Sis apparently coughing it out too. Had wanted to get in touch with them, towards a visit in Malmö. Has been ages since I last came to call, would like the chance soon enough. Oh, brief e-mail exchanges with Thor, still in Sao Paolo working on his ulcer. Hope he’s doing okay – always a tricky thing, trying to tell. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.