Man, this penicillin ain’t helping a whole shit of a lot. Chatted with Bo and came across the subject, he informed me the “Princillin” from Astra Zeneca I had been given was in fact one of the most inefficient kinds of penicillin there is. Which is sort of nice, in as much as I’d much rather save the heavy bombardment for later. The tricky part is the fact that it just doesn’t do it for me. A major bummer, in fact. I should’ve stayed home from work today, but I was eager to go and breathe some different air. Methinks I’ll stay at home tomorrow, and most likely the Friday as well. Have certainly laid the ground-work; it’s very likely a number of my colleagues need report in sick as well on account of yours truly’s presence today. If it’s not doing me better by tomorrow Thursday I should call the doc and let her know I got a sorry-do-for-nothing medication. Anyways, it was actually alright to be back at it. ~~~ Went and played the heck out of some computer-game, “Crysis”, at the Boomtown cybercafé. Man it was good to kick some alien butt again, a great experience. I’ve truly been missing out, Gaming has sure come a long way since pac-man, that’s for sure. The high-end system I was playing was near incapable of going the distance, certainly coughed as much as I. Great gameplay, great graphics. A little too hard for me, but I haven’t exactly a kid’s reflexes anymore, have I. Shooting up a jungle in a computer game these days involves downing trees and burning off grass, too. Everything is life and realistic and I only wish I had more time with it. These games are expensive, sure, but there’re so many hours packed away in them. Felt great to have it out of my system. Three hours disappeared like a fart in the wind, as Warden Norton would say. I hardly felt I’d sat down before ’twas time to go. Met V on the Grand Central Terminal, she en route to her course introduction. Could perhaps have stuck around and played some more, but they didn’t have the other games I wanted to try and I also wanted some time for other things when home. ~~~ Her mother came and took Kirstine away for hte remainder of the winther holidays, which was of course great for all of us. The kid gets some grandfolk’s worth of attention, they get to spend time with their only grand-child, and we get some time to ourselves. All great and true, methinks. ~~~ Brief e-mail from Claus, in town on the 21st and wanting to know if we could meet. Damn right we can, look much forward hereto. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.