V went to Funen to retrieve our lovely daughter from the care of her grandparents, but as things turned out she decided to stay until tomorrow, so I had the house to myself for the majority of the day. It has been great to have them take her for so long, the little one, they came and picked her up Wednesday and it will be four times I’ve gone to sleep and not have to get up at the crack of damn dawn because a youthful spirit felt superbly rested and ready to take on a new day in her life. So will have restituted and charged the batteries some, and have also enjoyed taking time out to have some good old-fashioned fun in life. Aforementioned computer gaming aside have had the chance to see some movies, notably ‘Michael Clayton’ and ‘Alfie’. Both excellent films, in their own right. Firstmentioned is up for ‘Best Movie’ at the up-coming Oscar show, to air on the 26th, I’ll be there, of course. So, yeah, I had my share of fun and it was a wise decision, methinks. I can turn – and have done so – to scriptwriting and assume a more disciplined approach now all that jazz is out of the way. Funny with playing computer games, once I haven’t done it for an extended while I ache to get back at it, but then when I do I can only take so much before it gets the better of me and I need to back up. Partly because I remember it as more fun than it really is to me, and secondly because it frightens me somewhat to have time pass so quickly as is always the case when I assume the part of gun-yielding protagonist. Anyways, with that out of the way the screenwriting must become a first priority. Am up to page 75 and have some sense of direction to lean on, at least for another 10 or 15 pages in. ~~~ These penicillin-pills sure aren’t doing their best to impress me. Although they do have some effect, the day-to-day benefits are hard to notice. I cough less, and there’s more substance to the coughing when it comes, but I’m sure not ready to step up to the plate just yet. Had Ozzy come up and lie down on my chest whilst watching a movie, lounging on the couch, and his just lying there on my chest brought about coughing. So I’ll be another week at least before I’m ready for that sort of challenge, and I should probably rest more than I do. Well, these past four days did provide the opportunity, didn’t they, but I have been rumbling through the basement and spent more than my share of hours painting the stairwell. Which is coming together quite nicely, isn’t it, but perhaps I should’ve waited. I sense I’m too much like Dad in this respect, ain’t I, can’t sit still when there’s something to do. Well, at least I did go to the doc’s before coughing blood, so I’ve learned from his mistakes if only a wee bit. I do look forward to going up there again, next weekend, with Kirstine. Will a) try and see if I can’t do the trip via boat, and b) talk the old man in question into tucking his granddaughter in, so that I might take his Kia to Aalborg and visit with Claus. Who’s actually coming to Copenhagen on Thursday, sadly the day when V is attending her writer’s course so I’ll miss out. ~~~ Read her new novel, V, the one she’s doing for the Gyldendal’s publisher’s youth-novel contest, entries no later then April 1st. It’s about this girl of 16 who’s dealing with the aftermath of her baby-brother’s death, the result of which is mother in the throes of deperssion and frequent suicide attempts, as well as an estranged father and not to mention her own anxieties and hormonally-hit emotions attributable to girl teenagers. It’s a really great read, I must say, I enjoyed it very much. Don’t know if I was able to convince her hereof, but at least within the confines of these entries I get to have my say and not have her contradict me, and I say it’s a damn great novel. The structure of it, the characters, how she made them live and made me believe in them, and symphatize with them, the dialog, I’d say she’s got a winner on her hands. It’s by far better than her last book, which seemed a bit contrieved to be honest (you’re not reading this, are you…?), rather it’s vibrant and realistic and just a fine read. Am very proud of her and the accomplishment, and I’ll certianly champion her and the work when the chance arises. No shame in her quitting her job and living off me if that’s the kind of work she produces, I hope she gets it further than the last time she tried to call on the publisher’s doors, for that’s apparently where her ambitions lie. Albeit they’ll be morons not to take this one on. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.