Visited with the folk over the weekend. Was good to see them again. Obligated them in as much as I asked of them to get the little one to bed, whilst I went on a trip. Had no plans to visit anyone, actually, but I had wanted an excuse to have them spend a different kind of time with their only grand-child, and it seems like she’s at an age where she’ll hold up to it. Well they all did me proud, no worries all around – so that’s a trick for later. Of course much of the weekend, sans the long train-trips, ended up as working hours to yours truly. Was tired near the end. Part of it due to the cough which is still, dammit, with me through nine days of narrow-spectrum penicillin. Part of it the hours on the trains, adding two hours to our transportation-time when a car would have us there in three hours and much less hassle. Never matter, it’s not killing me. And she was very glad to see them, especially dad, whose arms she jumped into upon our arrival. ~~~ Drove to Skive, with my outing, and surprised cousin Philip on his do-nothing Saturday evening, was somewhat glad he wasn’t keeping a party going. He did offer to take me out for a night on the town, but I declined – couldn’t risk it with the little one at home alone with the grandparents, first time and a low battery on my cell-phone. Maybe next time. He’s pleasent company, able to hold his end of the conversation and not brash about politics and other trivial matters. Good to see him again, borrowed some computer games off him, a welcome excuse to get in touch with him again in a couple’a months. ~~~ Had wanted to see the Academy Awards, the 80th of them, but no domestic channel had it up for viewing so that’ll wait. Did a little bit of my own writing for the screen and went to bed, well tired, a bit past eleven. Tomorrow Monday, plan to work from home. Am hoping for a quiet day.