Spent some time setting up an ordered gpu – graphical processing unit – into the media center computer and installing a bunch of games to play. Which I subsequently did, to the relief of not having had this kind of fun for a while. I’ll wear off soon enough and I’ll be on to other things, but in the meanwhile I get my kicks. In compensation of the hours spent sitting down I opted to go for a run in the evenings again, well, ‘jog’ is probably better. Haven’t the right sneakers – or, rather, any sneakers at all – for the job, so won’t go berserk on my first outings. No headaches yet, oddly enough. Maybe it’s truly all in my mind and, as Bo suggested, I can overcome it by adding meters to the distance, one by one, day by day? The idea sees unfathonoable(o), the execution unfeasible(o). What would I do if I found out I could run ten kilometers? ~~~ All’s politics and internal bickering at work. Hard to absorb it, I find. This school-boy acting is beyond me. A change is surely needed, and will come – at least for me – when I shift work-place to the Jutland department, next month. Look forward to that. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. V and K will be gone, to Funen, so I get the house to myself. Should write some more script-pages, but somehow I’d rather play computer-games. How’s that for admitting to one’s lack of discipline. Just this instant I can’t bring myself to care, hope at least a few lines or a structure of some kind is confined to paper, or digital bits, over the weekend. Am hoping for a quite day.