Pending the planning of my boss-employee yearly meeting. Karsten cancelled it this Friday, much to my dissatisfaction. Well, perhaps the disatisfaction was also spurred on by the fact that he threw out half of what I’ve been at work on of late. Not out of spite(o), but ignorance. ‘Tis little fun at work, of late. A lot of politics, I’m too old-school to deal with it. I just want to work, dammit, but getting to the projects is like stepping through a mine-field of conflicting interests. And I guess part of my work got flushed down the toilet with that. Damn annoying, I was really pissed this Friday late. Ah, fuck it. Bring on that meeting, let’s see how it goes. It’s a World full of options, isn’t it. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.