Damn, am still typing ‘2007’ in the date for these entries, what fucking year am I in. Lame ass. ~~~ So I’m at this seminar in Svendborg – again, Company outing. Like being back in business school, y’know, stand by the board and spill your tale, learn how to co-operate in a climate of mutual recognition and respect, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Or, to rephrase, ZZZZZZzzzzz. I should do better at this, but I’m too much of an individualist. I’d never make the relay team. The settings is nice, though, it’s a beautiful sea-side vista. Find it increasingly difficult to cope at work. The political climate is … shit, political. It’s a tug of war between competing interests, some wants the full scale solutions because they’re overly ambitious motherfuckers with divorces behind them in evidence of their sad, overly ambitious work-ethics, others cling to the minimum specs out of co-ordination with all their other assignments and a basic reality check. I’m supposed to service both parties, needless to say which leaves me somewhat frustrated. Fuck, I can’t wait ’till I’ll be commuting four fucking hours to Aarhus. ~~~ Meanwhile am at least getting to work on the website and PR material of the company of my own, or should I say our own. Sent away for a printed preview of the folder, will wait for it in the mail and send away for some more copies if it checks out, start having V making some phonecalls, let people know we’re here (and starving). Actually it’s good for keeping me going, or at least upright, these days. Good for balancing priorities. I would love the chance – God willing – to do more with this. I don’t think I’d be doing a half-assed job, even. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Another bullshit school day. Am joining my family in Nyborg afterwards, look forward to that, would love to go and see the kid doing her swimming class with V’s mum. Am hoping for a quiet day.