Struggled to install a swing in the garden, birthday present to the young one. Did manage, finally, to secure it. Don’t know why I insist on doing these things by my lonesome. Tomorrow will undoubtedly prove a hectic day. Only hope she enjoys the hell out of it, that’s the idea. V goes overboard, in no uncertain ways. Methinks she’s got a little something in her past she needs to settle. ~~~ Near finished playing computer-games for a spell, I can feel. I.e. feel that sensory overload of too many impressions. Will stick to movies from now on. But ’twas nice to get in there again. Had my share of fun. Am taking more time out, actually. Got up at half past seven and retreated to the basement to watch the Formula One race out of Malaysia. Good to have the season up and running again, so to speak. Means I’ll get some more exercise in, cranking up the exercise bicycle in said basement, watching the reruns of ITV’s broadcasts, which are great. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. 2nd Easter holiday, no work for me. Am hoping for a quiet day.