Did I report from the kid’s birthday? 4 years of age on the 24th of last month. Visitors included the grand-folks and their peers as well. Of presents there were, of course, an abundance. Put together a bicycle in the basement, to which end V decided to put our names on it as opposed to the swing I put up in the garden. I understood her perfectly, it’s a damn shiny good-looking thing. Wich I had had that kind of bicycle when I was a kid. Turned out to be a nice day, we sure did our best to please her on this, her very own day. Every kid should have birthdays like that, at least once. V had thought about having the Kirdengarden kids over, but we decided against it. Next year will there’ll be a time for that. ~~~ Am tired; have worked extra hours throughout the seek to save up for the Friday I’ll be taking off, so as to allow for an appointment with my dentist. My dentist up North, that is, will go up there in advance and then await the arrival of V and our darling girl. Means she’ll miss her Friday’s swimming in Nyborg, with her grandmum, then again that’s maybe not the worst could happen. V feels obliged to travel to Funen every week, and states she’s sufficiently tired of her mum’s interventions into her life as to be glad, even, to not have to do this Friday. Travelling by train is a bitch these days, though. The company’s doing repairs to the rails all the way up through Jutland, so that’s an hour added to the itiniary, dammit. All included that’s a five hours trip, by God. Spoke briefly with Dennis today, he suggested a rental company entitled DriveOn, will have a look-see at their webpage tonight. Suffice to say I miss our Ford, though only these times of travelling. ~~~ Have initiated a major clean-up project in regards to the basement. Getting rid of everything I haven’t laid a hand on for a year or more. So that’s basically half the inventory. Cleaning out the shop-room to make room for a Scanningsfabrikken working office. I do better with my time when having applied a bit of Feng Sui, and in this case it’s surely needed. Have stocked up on all kinds of building materials, three different types of plaster and fourteen buckets of paint, all kinds of shit I have hitherto not needed and doubt I will beyond. In a glorious bit of circumstance this fit of mine coincided with a Red Cross charity auction next weekend, to the means of which they came and took away many pieces of furniture I would’ve had to carry off myself. I got my hands on this house and wanted to be a real and proper do-it-yourself house-owner, and so stuffed the place with shit I might need. May have been the way dad got his collector’s gene, from actually building his house by himself. Or maybe he simply got it from granddad. At any rate I’m done (away) with it, if I’m to make something of this company I’ll need some space to act and think, and if cleaning house is the way around this I’ll merrily go about it. ~~~ Penning this on the train, now look forward to getting home and relaxing by the tube and going to bed as early as conscience allows. Stuffing 5 working days into a 4-day schedule doesn’t do much for me, I’m afraid, and I’m only getting older. Look forward to the prolonged weekend, hope it’ll prove a fitting reward. Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.