Takes the young one forever to get past that cough. Went to the doctor’s and had her lungs listened to, no issues here. And it’s finally going away, thank God. In the past it used to be V who cried and felt miserable when she was the worse for the weather, the kid, but not it’s yours truly who can’t stand it, can’t listen to it and can’t retreat down into the basement out of feeling like a schmuck who runs out on his family. Suffice to say I’m glad it’s near over. Brought home, incidentellly, a battered Fujitsu laptop from the firm, took a chunk out of my time to convert it into a kid’s laptop. Even purchased flowers and stars-stickers with which to decorate it. So now she’s using a mouse and playing those George the Rabbit-games, and it’ll help her when she grows up and needs to fit into a society where computer-knowledge is a must. Hell, I guess I get a bit of something out of training her to get around the idea of computers as a good thing, too. Every father wants his kid to get the same job as himself, I suppose. ~~~ Found some spare lumber on top of the garage and will apply it in building a yard for the albino bunny (which, did I mention this already, Kirstine aptly named ‘spot’). Will mean getting it out of the basement, will mean I’ll get the opportunity to remove the old carpet and do a paint-job on the concrete floor. Apart from installing new doors down there am well under way to having something useful rooms. I remember the state of them when we moved in, man, that was just not what feng suei is all about. Better now. A few inquisitory e-mail regarding our scanning-services have yet to bring fruit, i.e. actual work. But I remain hopeful my ten-year plan will. Have gone to great lenghts to test the scanning of some old soccer-gambling magaizines, will know in a week’s time if that’s gonna happen or not. Had to play the pro and submit some of their requests to various non-existing employees of my one-man firm, which has been … well, I’m not entirely happy about it, but then again I would be much unhappier if I were not actually intent on delievering that of which they’re asking. So, love and peace and all, if we do land this one I surely hope we’ll be able to deliever in due time before they figure they’re gonna go and have a look-see on what this scanning-thing is all about. Wouldn’t that be something; “Welcome to Soroe!” ~~~ Haven’t seen much of V’s mum and dad lately. The old hag got a temporary job, and thus she stresses out and neglects everyone around her but the strangers said project involves. V’s in a fit about it, I can to a certain extent appreciate her woes. It’s all about appearances to her mother, and she’s not one to spend time at home if there’re stangers to impress. V’s issue is with the fact that she initiated a routine of Friday swimming with her granddaughter, and now she neglects her obligation. But that’s her life these days, isn’t, moving around the house getting ever so bored, seeking out too many things to do at the same time and getting stressed out and unbearable to deal or talk with. V has been furious when off the phone after one of their talks. They’ve been around each other too much, they need some time apart. Actually this is penned after near a month of them only being in phone-touch. I’m all for it; they spend too much time together for a mum and a 30+ daughter already, getting some distance from each other means a better mood when they do meet. That and of course the fact I won’t have to be around her mother so much. Not that I was terribly bothered, but she sure as hell never was more than a walking facade to me, and I don’t think that’s inclined to change. ~~~ Tickest to Thursday’s circus in the mail, was worried they wouldn’t arrive. Will go with just the kid and myself, as V’s in Copenhagen doing her Writer’s course. Hope it’ll be fun. Have memories, some of my only ones from being very young, probably around four, of going to the circus. They’re blurry recollections, maybe mum and dad can shed some light on’em. Believe I’ve recorded a positive experience, which I aim to direct towards my daughter. At times I think about how much of her childhood she’ll remember, when she’s 34 as I. Certainly we do our best to record much of it, photographically and otherwise. Whatever she does confine to memory I hope it’ll only be the good things. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.