Slept from Friday to Saturday on Rasmus’ couch. Took a helluva long working day for reasons of owing Karsten some hours, and wanting to save some hours up in favor of the upcoming relatively short working week (National holiday, Christ’s return-trip to heaven). Had a few beers and a pizza and a talk, then in the morning – well, too much into the day for my taste – we got to work on his new apartment, in Christianshavn. Took too damn longer than it should have, as he had in no fashion prepared for the thing. No shopping done here. He could’ve saved us many hours if he’d done his homework, that’s for sure. Bothered me a bit, especially as I would have myself done so. But screw it, it was an ok time and I was glad to be able to pay him back for the time he spent helping me out, a few years back when we were doing the new toilet. Just hadn’t expected it to last this long… Wasn’t back until half ten, dammit. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Seems my weekend is over before it has begun. Will spend some time with the kid, hell, Vibeke too. Am looking forward to that, very much so. Am hoping for a quiet day.