Brief chat with Claus. His favorite soccer-team, AAB, won the Danish league this year, yesterday evening, so he was as thrilled as one who’s been a devote follower for the past twenty years, good for himself and Aalborg. I much anticipate our yearly Christmas outing, my drunken stupor of the year-outing sts. He’s apparently back at the online poker-tables, we got around to that subject of saving up for a boys’ holiday to Las Vegas. Would be something, for sure. ~~~ The scanning business is doing ok, albeit I got turned down on two offers I wrote this other week. It’s okay; they were big ones, and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. In fact am booked, as I would like it, through July, at this time. Am working too much and sleeping too little, and I’m not having any fun with my life at this point. I need to wind down, ‘s what I feel. This weekend, too, find myself scanning a questionnaire, albeit a very small one. Then anticipate a bit of a change in life, as I’ll be commuting to and fro Nyborg, where V and our darling girl are house-sitting for her mum and dad, vacationing in Prague. ~~~ This Wednesday past visited with Sis in Malmoe. Had wished to spend some more time there than I wound up spending; arrived at four, left near seven. Just couldn’t bring myself to stay any longer; as I felt somewhat estranged, and strangely neurotic, whilst tending the visit. Such a bizarre sensation came over me, I find it hard to describe. Something about their feng sueg(o) lifestyle which hugely contrasted that of mine, now, here. I walked in the door and I couldn’t for the life of me tell anything about the people occupying the scene from regarding the surroundings; white walls with nothing on them, a DVD player but no DVD’s, a stereo but no music, two matresses on the floor instead of a bed. Every single thing within its own confinement. It felt to me ackward, uncomfortable; I feared setting a foot wrong, certainly wouldn’t have moved inside without taking off my shoes. No books, nothing on the fridge but a printed out Microsoft Exchange calendar-leaf. I felt the old anxiety creeping in. I think this is what my home would’ve looked like now, if I had not met V and so on and so forth. In fact I’m quite sure of it. As I’m equally certain I would’ve read a great many more books than I have now, and seen more of this World and such, but given the comparison of our lifestyles I’m not faltering in choosing mine over hers, any given day. I suppose it truly dawned on me how different we have turned out to be. Or, put another way, how barren and lonely my life would be without V. I much prefer the chaos I sometimes find myself twirled around. Sure, one travels faster who travels alone, but I’ll be sure to at least leave my fingerprint where I am. The other way it just too fatalistic; as in “I’ll arrange my life so as to be able to escape any given situation without ado”. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.