Friday. Woke up to cats fighting at around 2 o’clock, was bright awake and with little chance of falling asleep again (V had those nervous feet again) I retreated into the basement to work it out; which was until near four o’clock, when I got some shut-eye at last. Lasted me until nine o’clock, where I woke up to a rather frantic distress-call from said nervous feet girlfriend, informing me of a impending(?) visit by a local newschannel reporter. Well, with the house looking like a bomb just went off inside of it, we rushed to amend the sight and cleaned house for an hour, right up until the very second the gentleman caller buzzed the bell. So she had the seven thirty local news, in a one minute twenty-one seconds clip which I committed to PC hard-drive memory. That along with a recent radio-interview (Wednesday), and I’ll be sure to capture also another interview come Monday. Damn, she’s riding a tidal-wave of publicity, certainly it’s a lot of positive attention for her. Not that she’s exactly revelling in it, appearing ever so anxious and speed-talking her way through the events in question. At any rate I’m still very happy for her, and can hardly wait until August whence the printed book shall arrive. Plus, certainly a benefit worth mentioning, a cheque for one hundred thousand – that’s 100.000 – crowns, in her honor, Fortune indeed favors the brave, the bold and the beautiful. ~~~ A weekend of work to be done, albeit not as much as I’d hoped; some material didn’t arrive in due time, i.e. Still there’ll be plenty to do, won’t be bored. Prepared myself mentally by mowing the lawn and cleaning out the closet (yea, I’m odd I know). Threw out half of my clothes, notably the part I never wore anyway. Felt rather good, in the feng suie-kinda way. Withdrawels from visiting with Sis, I’m sure. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.