Very tired on account of taking hay-fever medicine. V had read an article in the newspaper, akindling(o) a heavy bout of hay-fever to conditions akin a heart problems, well, in terms of wearyness I’m prone to say she’s right. Very tired but couldn’t get sleep in, and my eyes – probably from all that rubbing – were damn sensitive to light all day, so I found it difficult to get any or much work done on the script. That’s right, have taken up the screenplay again, return at page 83 in favor of laying the ground-work as preparation for my three days two nights writing session at V’s grandfolks. Of which I look much forward, incidentally. ~~~ Still finding it tough to prioritize, truth be told. Have dug up some of the old schooling books on screenwriting and aim to finish the damn thing, but all sorts of things turn up and I could – truth also be told here – be better at focusing my concentration. This damn hay-fever makes it difficult, though. I end up squinting at the monitor. Perhaps I should get a damn type-writer. ~~~ Extended (10 minutes, i.e.) chat with mum today, announcing their arrival on the 20th of this month, in favor of V’s birthday. Will look forward to that. She seemed in good spirit. ~~~ Enough of this shit – aka crying from squiting and looking at a computer-screen. Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.