First official day of my holiday. Will total three weeks, has been, did I mention this, has been ages since I last took three consecutive weeks out of the calendar. Aim to finish some scanning-assignments, not solely to keep myself occupied. Just won a gig on a quote I sent out, as ’twere in direct competitio with UNI-C, thankfully with Lars at the other end of that one. Such a bizarre scenario, I remain unsure how to go about that situation. I cannot afford a clean break, nor afford – at least to my own desire – not to take these jobs on. Of course, now that V’s beginning to make her own money, as a published author… It’s a bit of a confused time of year. Are we having problems making ends meet, are we over-spending, are we secure… I suppose seeing my accountant next week will yield a bit of the answer, they called to inform me they were ready with the annual report. Will be nice to get some kind of order installed, last year’s report which I did myself was a mess. Will be nice to get to concentrate my efforts towards the scanning-company, and not think about the film company ever again. Still the new scanner has not arrived, dammit. Has taken them ages to get it in stock, put in a call today to be informed they would ship it today or tomorrow. Hope they’re the real deal this time, cannot afford to wait any longer. Dammit, I don’t even know if it’ll solve the job I signed my name on a contract to do! Who dares win, I surely hope. ~~~ Am spending 48 hours in the company of V’s grandparents, at their rather remote Funen habitat. Which is nice in as much as it’s pretty quite around here – when V’s granddad doesn’t desire to converse, i.e. – so I can get some writing done. Not nearly enough as I had hoped, but that’s solely out of concentration-lapses, and a lack of creative energy. And a desire to not do anything at all, also. Try to hang in there, and won’t leave empty-handed. ~~~ Should mention a brief meeting with Mads in Copenhagen, Thursday late. Hadn’t seen him for ages, he’s back from a broken relationship with a somewhat unstable – bordering manic-depressive – girl, a rather famous one at that. Tough for him, but now he’s on the upside of life, thankfully. And thank God he’s back in the Summer-time, and not the depressive slush that is the Copenhagen Winter. Offered lunch at the Jensen’s Steak House, which was great, and a beer after that. Will try to hook up with him again soon. ~~~ Tomorrow Tuesday. Will be back in Soroe, which is cool; am not the best at foreign places, I’m afraid, not even with the family element factored in. Jacob at Processor dropped some scanningwork off, so will tend to that. Might find myself in Copenhagen in the evening, if somehow I can’t get to the UNI-C computers which will – as I have yet to invest in a scanning-licence myself – allow me to fulfill the assignment. V will be in Copenhagen, meeting with her editor… If I had presented her with that notion just half a quarter of a year ago, she would’ve laughed, or shrugged it off. Am hoping for a quiet day.