I think it’s in locking the house down for the night that I’m most at ease in regards to family life. Because it offers the silence which gives way to reflection; the moment is self-containing, purposeful, requiring no explanation. V’s sitting in the couch watching some tv-show and surfing on her laptop at the same time. Kirstine lies in bed, asleep beyond what I can only imagine is another long day in a long row of long days of impressions and sensations, old and some new ones, too. From what’s left of light we can see the kittens playing on our lawn, which I dutyfully mowed wearing a mask, as ordered by my dear spouse to prevent the hayfever taking off – she even laughed at me when she saw me wearing it. And I, I’ll be checking my e-mail and brushing my teeth and we’ll exchange stuff to do in the morning and shopping and such. And I’m feeling tremendously at ease, in the know I’ve managed to provide for my family, to the extent where the everyday sorrows are trivial and a basic happiness about life and being alive is ever present. That’s all I know, how such a basic happiness stays with you for as long as you choose. I think back to that trip on the Mariager Fjord, with the tour-boat there in the Summer of 2001. Where it all began, that basic happiness which has overflown me, ‘us’ I hope, throughout ever since. ~~~ Scanning, as this entry is written, through the night: Am scanning the last editions of TIPS-bladet, a newspaper about everything soccer and gambling related in the state of Denmark. Will, by tomorrow Friday, have managed to scan all of it, a job very well done if I so might say so myself. Had thought it would be a bigger difficulty, but the new scanner am doing a superb job, I have come to truly appreciate this piece of Canon machinery. Sturdy as a rock, it has by now scanned more than twenty-thousand pages without even a whimper. Absolutely tremendous Japaneese gadget, they know their stuff. Still I need to program some tools and such in order to complete the contract, but at least the scanning-part, which had me worried the most, will be complete. So looks like I might leave for a holiday with a clear conscience in that regard. To be fair, it has been a bit of a holiday, the actual work. Scanning at a 600 DPI resolution, required for the optical recognition process, takes some fifteen seconds plus for one duplex page, and the reliability of aforementioned device is such that it’s just sitting there, slowly chipping away at the stacks I feed it. So I find amble time to watch a movie, for instance, whilst working. Means I’ve so far, whilst making an honest buck or two, watched ‘Gone, Baby Gone’, for example, Ben Affleck’s rather brilliant directorial debut. You could say, whilst the scanner is churning away at the pages, I’m churning away at the movies. ‘In Bruges’, another – odd – one. Am really catching up to my movies. In regards to my own screenplay, I’m about page 94, a bit stuck but let’s see what the upcoming week can do about that. ~~~ Saturday will be off to the Bøgebjerg Camping site again, this time roughing it in a tent next to the inlaw’s trailer. Don’t quite know what to expect from that week; but do know I’ll be bringing my laptop and previous new mobile Internet-access. Like I said, will conclude the scanning work tomorrow and thus leave for that holiday, my last week before being back at work, with a clear conscious and, thus, clean schedule. Just hope to find some progress on the script; that would be nice. ~~~ The heat has turned down a bit, about V’s numeru uno book-prize status. The reporters all got what they came for, and her publisher – Gyldendal – no longer bothers her as much as to stress her out – at least not much. She signed the contract and is looking forward to the first royalty-cheque in the mail. Probably around the end of this month. Her first pay-cheque outside of her regular pedagogue-circles; she’ll be proud enough when the account statement verifies it I’m sure. Which, incidentally, she entirely should be. ~~~ Well, a bit more scanning then off to bed with me. Another reason I’ll be happy to finish the scanning tomorrow, apart from the obvious, I’m in dire need of a bath but haven’t had the conscience to take that kind of time off when there was work to be done. Let me just admit I’m not the best at doing regular showers, I just never considered them so important compared to many other things I deemed better use of my time. So the end of this working week marks six days without a bath, and a increasingly itchy beard I must admit I’ll gladly see disappear from my face. Friday, then. Am hoping for a quiet day.