First working day after the end of my holiday. Was a nice one at that, even though I could’ve done without the ultimate part of it; camping through a week entire, with the inlaws around Kerteminde. Basically the only cool thing about that was the bicycle I rented and took for a long ride, and a brief visit from V’s friends Claus and Sheila. Well, and the kid had a great time, of course she did, with alla that attention. But V’s mother sure did drive me nuts near the end. Her demeanour is so obstinate(?) at times, it’s unbearable. Such a control-freak, combine with her (?) and desire to intervene on other’s behalf, that’s a dreadful cocktail. I suppose at the end we – all – got so far out that neither will have any lengthy regrets about packing it up and going home; she hasn’t called V in three days, so that’s a tell-tale sign. So, yea, I am looking forward to finding myself at work once more, where people are more civilised and, to be frank, more inspiring to be around. I’m a workaholic, ain’t I. That week of my holiday that went to scanning those magazines felt great, and since we got back from Funen I dedicated myself to the firm and feel the better fort’, so, yeah, the conclusion is obvious. I guess as long as it remains fun… ~~~ Brief talk with Dad, who got my birthday-present in the mail, a pipe-starting-kit. He once expressed the desire to smoke a pipe again, so I got him the cheapest thrill in that regard. Kinda felt gulity about it, as he was coughing throughout the conversation, despite his forth day on penicillin. Seems to me every cold ends up with him being diagnosed with pneumonia; maybe not so good. Must admit to being a bit concerned about his well-being. That’s from alla those years demolishing stuff, isn’t it, breathing contaminated dust and asbesthos and shit like that. I suppose it came with his territory; in as much I’m happy I’ve chosen a different trade, albeit aware I wouldn’t’ve been able to if he hadn’t done what he did. I just hope the tobacco is of some decent quality. Look forward to seeing them again, after their trip to us. Maybe in due time we’ll be able to drive up there, as Claus had his old Skoda up for sale at some reasonable price. And V’s offered to drop a New York Visit, so we can make ends meet around the purchase. I had hoped we’d been able to do without, but she’s quite adamant, despite our agreement on the issue half a year ago: As long as she’s not working a regular day-time job, we won’t need private means of transportation. But apparently now we do. She wants her cake and eat it, too. I think in terms of how much I can write the vehicle off by way of the firm, and as such I can probably gain half of the expenses, insurance included. So I guess we’re gonna be alright, financially. Thruth be told, things are looking up in regards to aforementioned firm. I wouldn’t say the order-book is full, but there’s certainly what I can manage. Some clients, whom I’ve previously done work for, seem happy to return with further work, which is truly great. And I’m constantly out there, doing sales work, too. Good stuff. ~~~ In Roskilde by now, seriously looking forward to the first decent cup of coffee for these three weeks. Kirstine still has two weeks left of our holiday, means V will have her hands full. Albeit she sleeps so much these days I’m sure she’ll be fine. The peculiar thing is this, going to work actually gives me an excuse to do less at home, as compared with the same effort put in whilst working from home – with the expectation that I ‘work’ around the house beyond that? On oddity. It’s not the only thing that makes me glad I’m back at it, but it sure proves a good argument. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.