Much ado about scanning the rest of the TIPS-bladet job, or, mainly, trying to find the cpu power to recognize the text off the scanned pages. It’s a helluva gig for someone who can’t afford the right soft- or hardware, so it’s been a toll on my resources, I’ll be glad when it’s over. Will hand in data tomorrow, then await their verdict. No doubt they’ll have issues; only hope they won’t be too time-consuming. Would love to repeat the job, though, it’s cool cash. Looks like a busy August, incidentally; good enough. ~~~ Nears the end of the young one’s three-week holiday. I guess it’s good they should get a grasp on the concept, albeit at such a young age it turns into boredom and I think two weeks should’ve been enough. It’s when they get older they’ll appreciate the trips more. And V, too, will undoubtedly be glad to see her off to Kindergarten again. She gets ever more interesting to be around, as she learns more and more, but ’tis not to say a bit of grown-up time isn’t required. Has been a bit of a hectic time, this past month. One learns to appreciate the quiet moments, and V has been good in taking care of the kid lots. She should, of course, as our primary source of income is my job and the firm, but equally of course I’m not taking her for granted. Thus I hope she’ll be able to soon take some time off to tend to herself, focus on what’s important to her rather than us. My conscience works better that way, too. Put together a stairmaster she’d bought towards getting in shape, good on her to contemplate on that. ~~~ Sis and Thomas stopped by, the latter boasting his new job. Seriously, am very happy for him, he’s been at the one-adds for some time I’m aware. Whole new thing, puts him in a positions where he’s responsible for a number of individuals. That’s the way his training, in life and the army, would have it, isn’t it. Hope the best for him. Good to see her again, Sis, has been a while. Busy as ever ‘s her claim, but apparently quite content with that. ~~~ Wandered off and did some work and now it’s half past ten already. Off to bed. Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.