Tuesday. In review of the weekend I’ll bring up the trip to the Tivoli in Copenhagen, a really swell day brought on by lazy employees closing the local Capella Play play-land in Ringsted, most likely on lack of customers present. Thus we arrived to closed doors, of course to no great joy to Kirstine and, particularly, V, whom so often has been disappointed on similar occasions as a child (though out of parental neglicence, and not company websites promising too much in terms of opening hours). So she took a decision there and then to make it to the capital, and I in turn – given the chance to go home and get some work done – decided to join them. Hell, in the time to come I’ll be working my ass off anyway and not having a much family-time, so I wanted to get some serious family-fun in the bank before that. And I didn’t regret it, either, albeit it my credit card did. The Tivoli, that honored institution, is not laughing matter in regards to one’s savings acccount. Clear case of ‘fuck it’, we went a long with it until we had all had enough. Only that was late into the afternoon and with many fun moments behind us. We tried every child-ride there was, and the young one took to them like a duck in water. I remember a year ago we tried the same thing, but she was even scared of the H. C. Anderson-ride. This time around she insisted on riding it twice, that and the ‘Panda’, a mini-scaled version of the adult free-fall ‘Tower’-ride, the cars, the boats, the planes (twice, here too) and the baloons. We had soft-ice, then tried our hand at fishing for ducks and, well, fish. In short we stuffed ourselves on impressions and sensations and had a really cool time. I could’ve fucked it up in the end, moving towards the exit up a flight of stairs not noticing the ceiling height, by V’s account I almost knocked our girl down by not paying attention – but I got off with scare. Would’ve been a disastrous end to the day, instead it went the way of the afternoon; tremendous. Near seven when we got back, and need I say the girl slept like a rock through the night. ~~~ Tomorrow Wednesday. Am hoping for a quiet day.