Spent the weekend with the folks in Northern Jutland. Rented a car out of Nyborg, and twas good we did for just getting on the train from Soroe to Nyborg was sheer hell, people everywhere and every isles blocked. Hot as hell, too. And the scanning company paid for the trip, so no worries there. I had wanted to go for a while, and it was good to get it over with, as the months ahead will have enough work in them to keep me busy to at least the end of september, so we won’t get the chance. So,yea, was glad we did. They’re the same, everything’s the same. Well, the little one didn’t behave to the best of her abilities, I’m afraid. Her bouts of hysteria are worse than ever, I find it difficult to be around her when she goes about it like this, it’s truly awful and selfish behaviour. Talked it over with V, and decided that she’s had too much of a say in too many things of (too) late. It’s time we put a bit of restraint to her, or she’ll end up a spoiled little brat who thinks she has a say in every little thing. Damn, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be around her if she takes this kind of behaviour with her in her adult life, ‘s gonna be a lonely business for sure. So we worked out a strategy, and already it seems to prove itself. Will be hard on her, though, having gotten used to the good life. Ah, I don’t think she’s messed up (yet), compared to other kids. Everyone says girls aged 4 are like this, this part of their life when everything gets more complicated, when they form groups of friends and foes in kindergarten, when they’re not strickly ‘little’ kids anymore. It’s just good to be attentive about it, in which regards it’s cool to have a pedagogue in the house. Like I said, I myself am not so great at tackling this, whyfore I’d best busy myself with work and the like. Damn, no father has been so much around his daughter as have I, played so much with her as have I, she can stand a bit of absense – which in turn will promote a greater interest in herself, as opposed to having a father – who cannot bring himself to turn her down – who’s always playing with her, endlessly boring role-playing games of her choice. I have been too good for her, well, good, and now I need to be a little bit bad and not tend to her so much, or I’m liable to do damage to her. In short, I need to be a better parent than father right now, for in this time of trying to get to learn more about herself she’s in greater need of the first and not the latter. ~~~ Drove home this late Saturday, ended up at V’s folks, which was all right. Was great driving a car again, especially this kind of potent automobile which was the Toyota Carina we were granted. Had forgotten the freedom-bit, so, yea, it was really cool. Think I had said to them we would stay until the Sunday, but neither of them seemed too upset we left them early. They like to see their grand daughter, and she them, but neither party gain terribly from these visits. And when she’s acting up like this, well let’s just say that’s not the kind of memory I desire should linger. Better wait until the worst is over, then be up there again. They’ll be around twenty years more or so, they can deal with not seeing too much of her. Actually think in this kind of situation the best would be if I went up there alone. ~~~ Damn, this “100 push-ups” programme I’m trying to follow takes a toll on me, I’m failing miserably to follow the path I’m lead to believe is the right one for me (out of three possible ones, based on an initial test). Should lead me to the magic hundred in six weeks, though I think I’d better apply the brakes a bit, or I’ll damage the muscle tissue (which is there, I hope, somewhere) of those biceps. I remember working out in Hobro, that was a great time, my body reacted well to it; now, some fifteen years later, it turns out I’d forgotten about the no pain-no gain credo which came with that time past. Will be interesting to look back upon this entry, six weeks from now. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Am hoping for a quiet day.