At a one-day company seminar on technology and how we use it. Don’t really know what we worked out; wasn’t paying much attention. It won’t amount to much, as has proven the case with the many past years’ seminars. All good intentions and it’s back to the good ole’ autonome way we do things. Which, on a personal note, is just fine by me. I don’t particularly harbor the need to see a project solved by way of this or that project-model, for example. I suppose there are those who do feel that need, to be told what to do and when to do it. I myself feel for the end project; if the client is happy, so am I. Thus it feels odd to sit there and talk about the future way of doing things, when I’ve one foot in the future way of doings things within my own firm. The plans called for dinner afterwards, I called it quits on some white lie of needing to help a buddy out; couldn’t face being back at 23, only to get back up at 5. ~~~ Damn, minus 2500 in my account and minus 10 big ones in V’s. That’s a hefty red number, and I do anticipate the time when she’ll add the Gyldendal cheque into her bankroll. Has been ages since my personal checking account appeared this bleak; I wonder how we would’ve fared if she had not won that money, praise the Lord she did. ~~~ Am exercising a lot more, and stuffing myself with vitamines. I’m actually sleeping better at nights, which is great – though there’s no sign of those energy-filled days. Suppose it would be better if I wasn’t working so much, but that’s for next year. Dwell on the notion of taking 2010 off entirely, if the finances allow. Wouldn’t that be something else. Would need a lot more scanning jobs, for sure, before I should feel as if I could afford that Dreams… ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day.