Pretty tired near here. Bollocksed up an assignment at work and had to work through the past two nights to compensate; have yet to learn if the outcome was positive. Man, I sure hope so. Is that why they pay us so much? And I tested the damn thing over and over, to great succes. Then I take it live and boom, dead duck in the water. That’s never particularly pleasent, and it’s times like these I envy those work the McDonald’s, or what have you. Hope it all goes well, to have it all go sour is not one I would like to turn in to the boss. Especially at a time like this, when the mood is at an all-time low in the department I’m in. They’ve all been there too long for their own comfort, I think, not a day goes by without all that moaning and groaning and “I’ll tell you what the problem is”. Lighten the fuck up, fellows! You got it made in a reasonably secure job which doesn’t carry the stress-levels of those in the private sector, just let it go and do the best you can. That’s, incidentally, my damn near sole comfort in regards to the cock-ups I designed and mentioned above, that I did the best I could, at the time and with what I had. ~~~ Celebrated my birthday Sunday and not Monday, this including a visit from the in-laws. My presents included a beautiful watch from V’s mother, and the hit tv-series about fornication in California, aptly titled ‘Californication’. And the best of all, a great LEGO beach house set, which I’m hopeful will aide in de-stress purposes. Truly great gift from the kid, aided by V of course. The best of days, the Tomorrow Thursday. If all goes ok – fingers crossed, 7-9-13, knock on wood – I’ll take the day off, albeit probably not entirely. Let’s hope it does. Am hoping for a quiet day.