Trying to work out things to do with the little one, so as to provide her with some succes-experiences. Playing with her girlfriend, Emma, in Kindergarten, sees her always ending up second in the competitions the Emma brat makes up, as she’s more physically fit and adept than our girl. I think she has DAMP(O) syndrome, that kid, she’s always jumping about, in and out of emotions. She likes to play with her, K, because they have the same kind of humor and when the play is good, it’s very good – but it always ends up sour, and she finds it hard to cope. I think V is right in as much as she’d benefit from other influences, but she’s so darn stubborn about it, and even though she gets hurt she looks the girlfriend up whenever she enters the Kindergarten anyways. Even neglecting those aforementioned other influences – the other kids – on that account. I’m rather unsure how to deal with the situation. Clearly it would be best if she’d seek out the other kids instead of sitting in a corner and playing by herself until the girlfriend arrives, but that’s not likely to happen soon. V’s very considerate of that, taking her to music classes and such, that she’ll recognize other kids some more. What I can do, well, try and think of those things which may give her some succes-experiences, so she’ll gain more confidence and not let it bother her so when the other kid wins at whatever content she’s made up. Man, it’s tough when your kid has a shitty day because of something you can’t control, or factor in. That’s social education for you, and that’s a tough one to get at, for both kid and parents. I hope the situation improves, by way of my hands and circumstances around her. They get older, she continually gets better at grasping different concepts, and her hysteria is fading in favor of other, more useful bouts of anger and controlled out-bursts. Which is all good. I think she’s strong enough to deal with the current situation, but on the other hand I don’t want it escalating. I’ll have to think of something; maybe a tent-trip to the local woods, so she can say to herself “I dared this”. Best and only idea I had so far. Next weekend arrives V’s friends Claus and Sheila to install a window, carpenter that he is, and their girl Maggie and K will end up playing the whole day through I’m sure, so at least that’s a positive influence. Ah, it’s so tricky having kids. It always will be, won’t it. ~~~ Tomorrow Friday. Am hoping for a quiet day.