Claus and Sheila came by, the former to install a window as per his kind proposal some months’ ago. Thankful he managed it, as the temperatures are dropping fast now. He did a marvellous job at it, Tried my best to help, but not much for me to do. It looks great, installed, and I already now sense a rise in evening temperatures inside. Great of him to agree to it, he didn’t charge much – in fact, only as much as I myself took for designing his new homepage, in both cases a big round zero. V and Sheila drove to Holbaek to spend some leisure time at a local spa there, but apparently Sheila drank some bad water there and they returned with her in total agony. So she spent several hours on the couch, alternating rest and throwing up. They stayed until near nine, then. Their girl and Kirstine played well together, and I must admit to being impressed with our young one, being the kind hostess and allowing Maggie to play with much of her favorite stuff. Very well behaved, she was. ~~~ Paul Newman passed away this day, at 83 years of age. Struck down by cancer. Such an iconic actor, philantrophist and man. I recall some of his great movies; “The Long Hot Summer” made a huge impression. Too many to mention. A big loss, his generation’s and many generations beyond his, greatest actor. ~~~ Fell over the kid’s toys and broke my toe; had thought it sprained, but it turned black – truly – and began beating with a rate of its own later in the evening. Hope it won’t affect my tomorrow; had wanted to take the kid to the zoo. V thought it best – and is right – that I took her on some day-trips. So I thought I’d grap the bull by its horns and go do something. It’s a paid fare – via my dsb-card the trip to the capital is done for, and the girl is free of charge. So it’ll just be the entry-fee. Hope it won’t bother me too much, the broken toe. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.