October already. Time travels so fast. ~~~ Young one coughs and then some. Has been with her for three weeks or so, not enough to keep her at home but enough to make me wake up, and cringe whenever she loses sleep because of it. She’s not tremendously fun to be around, these days. She’s in good spirit, that’s for sure, but her stubbornness is not doing her any favors. I’m good for playing with and (albeit unbeknownst to her) providing accomodation and such, but when it’s time for bed, Mummy’s the only one who can. She’s really in tears when that’s not always possible, which is often – from V joining her seminar or, also too damn often, ‘just taking a little nap’ which stretches beyond said bed time. In effect, she’s deselecting me. I feel like shit every time she does that; is she scared of me, does she think me incompetent, what? It’s of course neither. Stubbornness and what not. But she’s getting to be an age where she shouldn’t throw a tantrum, and it’s really bugging me, to the point of asking myself why I spend so much time with her, if that’s the thanks I get. I’d rather just skip playing and take her on weekend-trips, like that to the Zoo this other weekend. I’ve enough to do as it is. ~~~ Scanned a semi-large volume of questionnaires at the UNI-C premices this other week. No other option was available, as I had to pick up the questionnaires locally in Copenhagen and hadn’t transportation available to bring them back to Soroe. So I scanned them at a very late hour and stuffed them in some cabinet, in the very big hope no-one would find them until I had the chance to dispose of them, preferably also without anyone finding out. So this Friday last I waited around until the workplace belonged to me solo, and went about the seedy business of disposing of it. Involved half emptying the large waste bin out back, dumping the questionnaires and re-filling with what I’d just pulled out, sole purpose of hiding the papers to prying eyes. Man, I would not like anyone to discover those things and ask of themselves, and ultimately me, why I was doing company business in my private time. Am still not off the hook, won’t be for until a week; chances are (slim, but they’re there) some busy-body will somehow come across the questionnaires and start asking questions. These are papers which can, in some cases, be traced back to individual persons. If only I had been able to throw them in the (very bottom of) bin meant for shredding, but I was totally empty and I would not have liked to be the first to contribute to it. So fingers crossed throughout the next week. Dumb chance to take – but what was I supposed to do. Take a taxi-cab to Soroe with the questionnaires, perhaps. Would’ve cost a fortune, yes. But that’s a deductable expense, isn’t it. Next time that’s what I’ll do. ~~~ Tomorrow Sunday. Will work throughout, as I’ve data needs be handed over Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.