Got up at five and got dressed, and thought I heard a chatter and so walked by the kid’s room and saw her getting down, comfortably, from her new high-bed, the one I built that we converted to allow her to sleep upstairs, rather, in the move from her old room to this new, previously our bedroom. Told her to move next to her mum in our bed and continue sleep, which she so often does around this time of the morning, and kissed her goodbye and was out the door. What a great, intimate way to start the day. The move from small bedroom to large bedroom will to her good, I think, it’s a succes already. She gets bigger all the time, surely it’s time to remove her from those close confines of a 4 m2 bedroom. Here she can close the door when she can’t stand us, and feel like a big girl with a big room where she and her friends can play sans annoying folks. V and I, in turn, retreated to the adjacent room, which is now warm enough as Claus came and installed those new windows. Let’s see how we’ll think about it when the cold winther arrives. ~~~ Resisted temptation in the shape of a same-aged violin-builder I met and talked with in the train. She moved her bag to allow a seat, only for yours truly to discover there was a tiny dog inside of it, and in so offering the seat back, I guess that’s how the conversation started. I think I asked her if the mutt was okay for traveling long-distance like this, suppose she took that as a clue I might fancy her. Which I did, physically, but ’twas never more than that. In earlier times – counted in years – I might have gone about that encounter differently, who knows. The fact of the matter remains I never found myself in a situation like this before, where a girl was obviously interested in me, certainly in this case enough as to offer me details about her personal life and state of mind. Me, I was anxious to close the call, so to speak, because I wanted to get some work done, but was also strangely fascinated at the same time, because, again, I never found myself in this situation before. I didn’t falter, though, and yes, of course it crossed my mind to do so, me, your average heterosexual male, but I was never truly in danger. Fact remains I’m so secure in my priate life, there’s not enough of a sentiment for me to get involvd with anyone bur my darling wife of 7 years. Why go out for a burger, when you can have a steak a home. Quote Paul Newman, RIP. ~~~ Working, working for a livin’… Sent my latest invoice and a up to a hundred and fifty grand in the account when it goes through. That’s next year’s budget for sure. Am very proud of what I have achieved so far, and only ever up-beat about the time to come. Not much time to relax, though, even yesterday I actually had to call in sick (again) because I had more than my hands full. I guess relaxing these days is half an hour on the exercise bike in front of a movie to completely take my mind off things, then a relaxing shower and half an hour more in front of said movie, before it’s time to get back to work. I don’t even know if I should take the time to write this entry. ~~~ Talks of Christmas, how to best execute our strategy to not let V’s mum steal the show with her flustered ‘I-can-do-anything-at-the-same-time-and-keep-a-jolly-good-smile-on-my-face’-routine. Decided on inviting them all directly to a dinner we prepared – pre-paid, if need be – in advance. And thankfully V’s grandmum on her dad’s side isn’t coming this year, that’ll be good news for diplomacy as well. Oh, and no dancing ’round the tree. I for one won’t be sad to skip this tradition, as I surely recall the mad, frantic look in her eyes as she got herself all wound up. Bitch. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday. Am hoping for a quiet day.