Much ado about the firm, have spent quite a long time developing the homepage so as to withstand no less than the expected barrage of visitors with I go International, next year. A long-term investment in a time where my life is dominated by short-term projects, it feels. Have spent time translating V’s book, at least the first thirty pages of it, so her publisher’s might send samples of it out into the World. Dunno why they couldn’t manage themselves, they’re certainly better off than are we. So that took a fair bit of time didn’t it, and at work I’m jumping from one project to the next without trying to blink too much. Certainly, after Bo stopped, there’s been enough to keep me occupied. Basically more than half of his projects went to yours truly, I suppose for only the reason that I probably knew him the best and spoke more with him than did the others. So I’m doing a broader range of things than ever before, which stresses me out and doesn’t get me competent in any of them. He sent me an email, Bo, about his new job, he now works at the Skejby Hospital where apparently there’s little shortage in delicious nurses. And he attached an image of himself and some girl in a compromising situation. I’ll miss talking with on the regular basis. ~~~ So, yea, work, work and all that’s related to it. Looks like it won’t be the quiet end of the year I’d expected, which is kind of a bummer and rather uplifting at the same time. A bummer because I’d looked forward to a quieter time in which to work out next year’s strategy, uplifting as of course the financial side of things will appear better. On strategy, apart from the ‘double the income every year’-thing I haven’t gotten anything worked out. I even think what little there is, should go. Company strategy shouldn’t be decided on money, rather merit. I would love to do a bigger data capturing project, to which end I suppose I’m working towards. This Friday I’ll be in Aarhus, meeting with some people whom I might help and they might help me in that direction. Other than that, there’s still software to be implemented, tested and documented. A whole lots to do, alla time. It’s certainly not a boring time of my life. ~~~ This upcoming weekend will be in Northern Jutland, visiting the folks, doing that meeting in Aarhus as mentioned and then Claus said he’d pick me up for his poker-tournament, on the Saturday. Look forward to all of those things but especiall the Poker-setup, as I know it has absolutely nothing to do with work of any kind and will allow me to rest my head about that for a spell. I do also look forward to talking with him again, he’s grand company. ~~~ Seems as if that move of the kid’s room from small (office) to big (our bedroom) was the very right move to make. She’s increasingly in there, lavishing in the grandness of the vast space and playing by herself for long spells, V proclaims she’s hard to get to in the mornings as she plays so well in there. So that was a great idea, and I’m glad we got it done. V, despite all my initial complaints, she did truly well to agree to take that mattress off her folks and put it in what’s now the office, I’ve spent many nights in there already when I had to get up – such as this morning – around five o’clock. I should find a way to commend her on that call. Married life is not quite ‘official married’ life just yet, but will be around the end of December. ~~~ Barack Obama became the next president of the US, the first black man for that office. Should be a better world from here on. ~~~ Tomorrow Thursday. Am hoping for a quiet day