Slept in, till near nine o’clock. I always get so incredibly tired when I’m up here, visiting with the folks. The fresh air, possibly. Or maybe it’s just the peace and quiet prevailing. Or even my body trying to make up for lack of rest. At any rate I was quick out the door, driving to Aarhus to do the meeting with this media company, DMS Onine, which is in talks with some newspapers about having their archived history scanned and published on the web. To which effect my little company could be of service, sure. It’s was somewhat bizarre to do this meeting in their fancy offices, clearly they have a lot of money and several employees, as opposed to yours truly, who has little office space and no employees. Well, at any rate, since he didn’t ask I didn’t volunteer this fact. He had such a high opinion of ‘us’, so I could bear to let him down by telling him the truth about the history of the firm. Of course, if he were to ask directly, I’d own up and spill the beans. No point in lying about these matters, but let’s just say for now that I’m happy he hasn’t yet asked. The meeting went very well, and I do look forward to doing services for him/them in the future. He has high hopes for this particular area of his business, and I’d sure like to see him deliever on some of those. ~~~ On dad’s suggestion – deserves an exclamation point, that one – we went to the movies, to the premiere of the new James Bond movie in Hobro. The smallest possible theatre for such a movie premiere in all of Denmark, I think, no more than twenty-five seats available. I was very surprised he offered this, but it was a great outing and I enjoyed the movie althought it was a bit ‘flashy’, everything went on way too fast for anyone to notice a damn thing. But he really is the best Bond, Daniel Craig, he came out on top. A good time, and even when we got back we saw the new Indiana Jones-film that dad’d just bought. This despite the fact that I’d just seen it on the train, but he was anxious to see it so I sat through it for a second time in two days. In both cases is was good to do something like this together, we even had some good talks in the car going to and fro. So, yeah, an unexpectedly good time. ~~~ Long conversation with V on the phone in the evening, reminded me of when we started dating and we’d talk for hours, thankfully on land-lines before the cell-phones got red-glowing hot. Otherwise I’d still be paying that bill. Though with the benefit of cell-phones, instead of talking dirty on the phone she sent a raunchy picture of herself, for my benefit. Naughty girl. Apparently she and her dad had gotten the old grey couch we no longer had need for out into her folks’ Volvo, to drive it to the recycling station – only to find their gates closed as they arrived three minutes into their closing-time, how typical of them. Instead they opted to dump the damn thing in a nearby road, as her dad seemingly couldn’t face driving the thing around anymore. So, yea, they ditched a fucking sofa in the middle of the street and ran like guilty children as other cars approached and slowed to learn what was going on. Jesus… I was at a loss for words as she told the story, laughing and laughing and coughing from laughing so hard. The absurdity of the situation was certainly enough as to make her reserve a place in her new book for it. At a loss for words, truly. ~~~ Tomorrow Saturday, the day of Claus’ poker-tournament I’ll look forward to being a part of. He even volunteered to drive out here and pick me up, which was great of him. Means I can get slouched if I so choose, and take the train from Aalborg instead of driving home with the remains of last night’s alchohol in my blood-stream. In all likelyhood I’ll be out of that tournament early, in which case there should be plenty of other entertainment in the shape of a bar and xbox game-console. Albeit – typically me – I’ll bring my laptop so as to get some work done if the desire should arise. Have looked forward to it, as mentioned, for a long time. Will be the only personal enjoyment I’ll seek from here on and until Christmas, at least as far as only I am involved. All else will be about work, work, work. So am hoping for a good time. Am hoping for a quiet day.