A good, long time since the last decent entry. Have been very hard at work at my two jobs. Things are going good for my personal venture, less so for the civil sector-job I hold. Since Bo left, and I was given his entire roster, there’s been far between the joyful moments. It’s too much for one man, having to uphold two men daily duties, and his old customers are starting to call in with bug-reports. There’s little chance I can uphold his honor in this, let alone my own. The boss seem oblivious to all my woes, I’m not sure if he’s not taking me seriously or just doesn’t wish to hear what I have to say because it’s dire news to him. Most likely the latter. It’s a bad situation. ~~~ Got a Christmas tree up, the kid found joy in decorating it. Too bad I didn’t have a video-camera, I would’ve caught it on tape. A bit early, but the xmas-spirit is certainly there. ~~~ Can’t be bothered to write more. It’s a sad state when I’m so busy I haven’t the time to document my life, but such is the case. So, for now, until later. ~~~ Tomorrow Monday. Am hoping for a quiet day.